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Learn German!

Written by Bhavna Joshi


Language has developed not only as a medium to communicate but also as a tool of expansion into the world of opportunities after holding an expertise in the field. When most of the students run after “future securing” mundane courses, there is a club of smart individuals who choose wisely  in building a shed for exciting career opportunities through language courses. One of these languages includes “German”.

There are a plenty of options available in German language ranging from Certificate, Diploma, Advance diploma (amounting to Bachelors), M.A., M.Phil. and even Ph.D. So, there is an opportunity for a beginner or an expert in the field alike. Some of the options to enter into this field are:

  • The Department of Germanic and Romance Studies:

The programme is designed to enable students to develop communication skills in the chosen language and to acquire a broad understanding of the society, history and culture within which these languages have developed and are used. Based on the conception of language as social and cultural practice, the programme integrates knowledge of social and political institutions, historical events and literary and cultural movements into the acquisition of the four linguistic skills – reading, comprehension, writing and speaking. The programme is thus designed to simultaneously develop language skills and critical thinking.


             Courses offered: MA  |  BA (Hons)  |  M Phil  |  Phd  |  Part Time Courses
                                                     Diploma in Foreign Language Education


  • Jawaharlal Nehru University

While equipping our students with a sound knowledge of the German language, we seek to expose them to the cultural, political, and literary history of German speaking countries. Through a multidisciplinary approach, the BA program serves as a foundation for harnessing students’ interests to open avenues for further postgraduate study and research. Courses offered as part of the MA in Literature engage closely with contemporary literatures from German speaking countries. They also focus variously on particular authors, literary movements, genres, and periods in literary history.



      Courses offered: BA, MA, MPhil, and PhD programs. Besides these programs of study, the Centre also offers a 4       Semester Optional in German Language to B.A. students of other Languages.


  • Goethe-Institut (Max Mueller Bhavan)

The Goethe-Institut New Delhi is the best-known centre in the city for German courses and internationally recognised examinations. In addition to general language courses covering all levels for adults and teens, our offer includes a wide range of special courses as well as company courses. The language courses are supplemented by an extensive examination programme. The Goethe-Institut New Delhi is also a teachers’ training institute and conducts workshops and seminars on teaching German as a foreign language.



                                   Courses offered:

Course type how long? Advancement when? who?
30 weeks
6 *UE per week
1 level Nov-Jun max. 22 adults
12 weeks
15 *UE per week
1 level Nov-Feb


Jul-Octmax. 22 adults 22,5 weeks
8 *UE per week1 levelJan-Jun

Jul-Decmax. 22 adultsBlended
22,5 weeks

10,6 *UE variable1 levelJan-Jun

Jul-Decmax. 18 adultsCustom-
per requestExam
per requestSmall
per arrangementAll times2-8 peopleIndividual
per arrangementAll times1 personCompany
Coursesper arrangementDistance
All times

*UE = “UnterrichtsEinheiten”: lessons of 45 minutes duration


  • School of Foreign Languages (SOFL) – IGNOU

The Programme is offered in collaboration with the Goethe Institute Max Mueller Bhawan, New Delhi, a cultural institute of Germany. This Programme aims at introducing the basics of the German Language and gradually develops the learners’ abilities to encourage a better cultural understanding of Germany. It is a bilingual (German, English) blended integrated radio & video programme with a substantial component of face-to-face counseling at designated centers.



            Courses offered: Certificate in German Language (CGL)


  • School of Foreign Languages (SFL)

The School of Foreign Languages (SFL) is a premier Inter-Services institute of India and functions under the aegis of the Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India.


                       Courses offered: Certificate of Proficiency (COP), Advanced Diploma of Proficiency (ADOP), Interpreter ship Course, Short Term Courses


  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Languages

ESTABLISHED IN 1958, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Languages is one of the oldest institutions in the Capital City offering intensive courses in foreign languages. Qualified and experienced teachers coach students to acquire proficiency in the following major foreign languages from certificate to higher diploma levels.


                Courses offered: 2 Semesters of 5 months each leading to higher students in Max Muller Bhawan



And there are still many left… So, it is not too late to start a career in languages. The eligibility criteria varies according to the level of courses and the universities. So, it is recommended to visit the shared websites for more updates. All the best!


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