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LSR performs Mock Drill at 2:15 a.m.

LSR hostel performs Mock Drill covered by dukhabar
Written by Ekta Rawat

The Bells Rang at the LSR hostel at 2:15 a.m. and the announcements were made to evacuate the building and move towards safe spots as there was an earthquake. The girls were patient enough to follow the route as demonstrated earlier by the Security Committee of the hostel and they moved towards the safe spot without creating any panic. They were later informed by the Hostel Warden Mrs. Ujjaini Ray that it was a mock drill and a successful one.

LSR stands unique among other colleges for the significance that it attaches to the normally overlooked issues and the significance that it gives to the safety of outstation candidates in hostel.  There is a need for other colleges with campus accommodation to perform such drills and have a separate committe devoted to the security issues of the students at hostel.


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