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Written by DU Khabar

Saurabh is a student at Delhi University who stays in a Paying Guest Accommodation with a friend. Owing to his hectic routine, in most cases he eats his dinner outside atleast thrice in a week and sometimes, has to give dinner a skip totally, surviving on whatever leftovers are at his place, Maggi, Bread/Butter & the likes. One night, he bumped into his kitchen to find nothing in there, which made him call a local search engine for any places operational at night “I was given 4-5 options but almost all of them served till 1 AM, however, out of sheer luck, I called Knight Bites Express and was surprised to know they deliver till 4 AM. Much to my surprise they delivered food within 30 minutes that evening and the food was fantastic! Surprising, was to see the packaging, you don’t get such quality of services, even during day” says Saurabh.

Knight Bites Express is a convenient way to order food, beverages, and other essentials across North & West Delhi between 9 PM and 4 AM. “We were truly convinced with concept to make doorstep delivery of food and essentials at night, safe, convenient and affordable. Our major belief is that people should not step out of the convenience of their homes at wee hours, especially considering safety issues in Delhi ” says Manvir Singh, founder of Knight Bites Express, previously was working with a Management Consultancy in Gurgaon.

Started in November, 2013 – The idea for Knight Bites came from a personal experience of the founder, wherein, he bumped into goons instead of food on a visit to a 24*7 convenience store. “I was with a friend and was shocked to see how brazen the overall safety of a normal citizen could be. Inebriated people showing weapons, could anything be more worse? After the dreadful incident, It developed an instant trigger in me to create a solution that can be a long term, effective and  a tangible solution for this problem” and that’s how Knight Bites Express was formed.

And what is the reason for calling it Knight Bites Express? “Considering Knight stands for a warrior, bites signifies scrumptious food and express – the quick responsiveness – we thought the name was apt for us and has relevance to what we’re doing,” says Manvir. Users can order by simply calling +91-85-888-53908 or order directly through Facebook.

Besides North & West Delhi, Knight Bites Express is planning to foray into Gurgaon or Noida markets. “We have received an overwhelming response in North Campus, especially from students staying across PG’s and hostels. Moving forward, we want to tap the corporate hubs to achieve significant scale with respect to our client base,” says Manvir.

Further, as part of their outreach strategy, they are partnering with Top colleges across North Campus like Stephens, Hindu etc.  to promote their services.

Knight Bites Express serves across North & West Delhi, Feel free to call them at +91-85-888-53908 or check them out at Zomato!


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