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Kirdaar 2015: The Stage play fest of IPCW

Written by Tahira Noor Khan

“I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.” – Oscar Wilde

The fifth edition of Kirdaar – the stage play fest of IPCW was held on 13th February 2015 in the college auditorium . The Chief Guest for the event, organised by abhiyakti, the dramatics society of IPCW  was Mr. Gaurav Mishraa from Asmita Theatre Group.

one thing i must tell you , it’s a one of its kind fest as it celebrates the spirit of theatre while eliminating competitiveness from the domain : there is no competition among the participant teams but a cool discussion with the judge(s) after all the performances are over.

This year, after a painstaking process of selection, followings  were selected to perform in Kirdaar – Kirrori Mal College, Lady Sri Ram College, St. Stephens College and Ramjas College. There were total six plays, including IP’s play, one play by each college except for KMC which staged two plays.
The fest started with the beating of the drums accompanied by the inviting ditty whoops of the Abhivyakti team around the campus. After the hail, the entry into the auditorium started and students from different colleges came in to cheer up their fellows .

The first play performed was Kirori Mal’s – “Words, Words, Words”. It was a lively and engaging play upon the role of social media and the peer pressure faced by the teenagers. It ended on an optimistic note.

The second play  presented by Lady Sri Ram named The Smell of Lemons was on social issues which made one question their current norms , traditions and ideologies.

The third in the line was St. Stephen’s production “The Carnage”. It was a light hearted comic play, which uplifted everyone’s mood and threw us into peals of laughter. i liked it the most.
Then was the time for ” Abhivyakti “the much awaited production – “Keh Do Usse “was performed. It portrayed the miserable situation of Kashmeris and kept us thinking  about their conditions for a while.
This performance was followed by the bold and satirical act of the Ramjas College – “The Open Couple”, where the despair wife too finally found a guy and waved off her unfaithful husband, smilingly.

The Players – the second production of KMC marked the closing of the performances. It had a very strong theme as a subject –  is everything really predestined? It also questioned the notion of blind faith in a satirical way.
With a huge round of applaud, the fest came to its end .
Overall Kirdaar was a great success with the wonderful and acute performances.


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