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Kiran Bedi at L.S.R.

Written by Ekta Rawat

The historic corridors of Lady Sri Ram College once again witnessed the prized presence of a  celebrated and successful lady who needs no introduction: Dr. Kiran Bedi.

NSS LSR had organized the stimulating session by Dr. Kiran Bedi on ‘ Women Safety and Security’ on 14th October.  The lady in Pathani suit and the evergreen glow on her face charged up the young crowd with her enthusiasm as she said ” I am here to make you leaders, I am here to make you defiant”.

With the experience of the phenomenal life that she has led, Kiran Bedi broadened the horizon of security by demonstrating it as a life skill as she inculcated the physical, psychological, emotional and environmental aspects as well. 

She gave the mantra of STRESS ( Strength, Traffic, Redesign, Erase, Sharing, Surrender)  to the ladies at LSR .

As she had said that she was there to learn as well, she devoted 2nd half of the session for the queries of students which ranged from ‘ question of  gender inequality in house  when it comes to restrictions for security’ to ‘ the dilemma that a girl faces in difficult situations to either listen to the social framework set in her mind or do what  her inner voice asks her to’. 

Calling the attitude of imposing restrictions on daughter and giving freedom to the son in the same context as a situation of responsibility for the girl but irresponsibility towards the son, Kiran Bedi said that it is not about being afraid to drive in the dark lane, it is about the caution to take the well lit one if you have choice and have the courage to take the dark one when the situation compels you to.

The session was a perfect example of the outpour of the experience of a  dynamic lady to the young girls yet to make their own mark.

Picture Credits : Aishwarya Upadhaya


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