The Kid On The Next Signal

Beggers Kids begging traffic signals du khabar helping
Written by Saba Nazki

Well! Isn’t this great that all through our lives, we all have been lucky enough to live in our own house – a place that saved us from the harsh outside world in many times and it will save us for times to come. Most of us have had the privilege of studying, being educated and pursuing a much renowned degree while dreaming of a better future.

Enjoying the feeling of life being beautiful while sitting back and relishing your coffee, AAHH!!!  so many assets and memories to be thankful about.

                      All I wanted, was some light

                     You blessed me, with stars and moon

                    Yet I look pale and dim

                   Though I know, it’s all going to be

                  Alright again

Though most of us complaint about so many things, yet we are better and luckier than most of other people in this world around us, while for many life is an ongoing battle.

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Delhi – the capital city of India, malls, brands, and metro all these words come to our mind while we think about it, let’s try to deepen our thinking  to a more realistic view .When we live in Delhi, for sure we are aware of the traffic mess on the Delhi roads and lanes.

Have we ever wondered about, what all we see and what’s going around us when we travel in a DTC bus, auto or our personal vehicle? We all are so engrossed in our smart phones that we have  forgot everything about our surroundings and the happenings around us .Updating a ‘Facebook’ status or writing an article does not free us of our duties. “Does it?”

Every single day, many of us travel to our colleges or workplaces, and more than twice a traffic signal stops us for those short minutes.

 “ A little kid, holding toys, books or rose bouquets in his little hands.  He isn’t playing with those toys or reading those books but he is standing there, in a head breaking 47 degree Celsius temperature trying to sell these books and toys away- battling to survive. With those deep eyes, with a spark in them, looking at us with hopes that we have some pennies to offer. A little boy of eight, in front of us, clothed in rags looking at us, and we just turn away our heads. There are so many traffic signals in Delhi and so many of these little kids, are either selling books or spare parts of automobiles and knocking at the glass windows of a high class sedan with their little palms, timidly.”

 Let’s take a look around, so many of the people among us go to malls, watch movies in a PVR and wear branded clothes. Though most of us in our society are involved in these activities yet these little poor kids, who are battling everyday with life to live it, which is a true irony, form the part of a more dominant side of population in number, in India.

Westernization, education and modernization are some of the important terms in the dictionary of developing nations like ours, but seldom we ask ourselves the question that, “is the reality of our daily lives, just limited to visiting malls, wearing branded clothes or is it turning away our heads from these little kids?, who have all the ability to study in a school and pursue higher aims. Either we turn away from them in helplessness or we turn away, just like that?

In India, ‘Bollywood‘ is a huge industry and has a great impact on our lives emotionally. In many of our favorite movie scenes, we see the female protagonist stepping out of her high class luxurious sedan near a traffic signal in falling rain and dances on a hit number with the little poor kids, who sell small items near these signals. No longer the male protagonist who was somewhere watching the whole scenario, near a tea shop, falls in love with the girl, she is back in her car and in no time cuddling with her pink silky quilt in her room, but what about those kids? Is this what they are meant for and all one could do for them?

Do we really ask ourselves any question? Does anyone among us work a little for a better tomorrow?

No doubt, many movies, books, theater companies and NGO’s have played a part in bringing a realization in many minds to work for the betterment of these little captains’ in terms of education and nourishment, but that’s not enough, when so, many issues have engulfed us, a little step could make way for a great turnover.

Next time, when you are busy chatting about your last night party, in an auto or your own car and if an innocent voice calls you, “sahib gulaab lelo”, think about their betterment, after all thinking brains can bring revolutions and for sure can bring a time when there will be no kid on the next signal.

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Saba Nazki

I am a poet, in all states of my life. In love with food, travel and books and love to try new things. Studying literature,from Delhi university which is my passion.....I want to become an author, and write for the cause of my home land, Srinagar, looking forward to fulfill this dream , through my first book, sooner.Though consider family and friends , real assets but , i am important to myself equally, faith and belief is the key to live life - a real one.

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