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Jouissance The Literary Fest of Satyawati College

Jouissance The literary fest of Satyawati College
Written by DU Khabar

The literary fest of Satyawati College (Morning) going to be held on 25 and 26 February is full of riveting and captivating events. It is reportedly the second literary fest of the college after 2012. This time the fest consists of events where participants can truly demonstrate their creativity and originality.

The events are as follows:

Literary Quiz; the quiz will be kept simple with questions and other literary pieces but redefining the meaning of simplicity. Simple questions can be complicated as well.

Poster Making; A true example of creativity. The ideas will be presented in form of art. The best way to let your imagination flow.

Picture speaks a thousand words:  The power to make someone visualise something with words is not an easy task. A picture speaks a thousand words but the words should be able to make u see the picture as well

Shakespeare goes berserk: A new of its kind. A demonstration of the plays of Shakespeare will be presented but with a touch of different emotions. The tone will be different and so will be the act.

Originality speaks through your pen:  Novelty is bliss. But the real talent lies in being spontaneous and aplomb thus creating something out of a given piece. A true test of creativity.

Speak your heart out:  Hearts and minds can be captivated if your words are sensible, enchanting and powerful. Here you get to speak and leave imprints on the minds of people.

Treasure hunt; a cliché but it never lost its popularity. The rules remain the same but this time it’s twice the fun, twice the intricacy and that makes it twice beguiling.

Jig it your way:  the stage demands something from you when you are on it. This event gives the opportunity to use the stage as u want. Probably your best chance to show what u are really good at. Anything and everything counts.

Band Performance: Here is the time to enjoy the music and sing along with your friends and be lost in an entirely different world.



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