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JDMC Orientation Day

janki devi memorial college
Written by Tanya Singh

College life is something that everybody longs to live and when it finally comes that first day has to be the most special. Orientation day is something that all freshers look forward to and colleges try to make it very special for them.
Janki devi memorial college’s orientation day was nothing less than a grand celebration. With a new bunch of crowd, every society and seniors and teachers tried to make it grand for them. The celebration started with the lightening of the diyas followed by classical Indian dances. Watching the show was an absolute delight. The music society also made the day maginficent with it’s enchanting melodies. the programme continued with general briefing about the college, societies and other aspects.
Janki devi memorial college tried to put it’s best effort in making the orientation day , a day worth remembering. the happy faces of the fresher’s were a proof. I hope the college continues it’s celebrations and scale new heights.


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