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Jammu and Kashmir, popularly known as the “heaven” on earth, Switzerland of India has faced the worst natural calamity ever in the past 6 decades. Known for its tremendous beauty in various Bollywood movies, is now almost submerged underwater.  All of this started on the night of 2nd September 2014 due to excessive amount of rain which resulted in rise of water in the Jhelum River and in the Dull Lake. Jammu and Kashmir’s condition has been compared to no less than that what was caused by the “Hurricane Katrina”. The entire state’s population has been affected, hundreds of people died, tourism was badly affected. Sources reported that a large number of people were missing and many were dead. No sign of agriculture, roads, shops, destroyed homes, as well as the hotels. Everything was badly affected.

Families are still crying in hope to find their loved ones. The condition, day by day, got so worse that the water level raised 3.7m above the danger level. The water waves were as high as 12 meters. In such a situation, it is actually hard to fight and survive. The Disaster Management crew along with the Indian Army and the Air Force gave a helping hand to J&K for the rescue and till date as many as 2,00,000 people have been rescued with the help of helicopters. The vision of people dying and shouting for help has been really disturbing for every single person who has witnessed this natural calamity.

Relief funds have been in coming from various states as well as from the prime minister fund. Narendra Modi has offered an assistance of Rs 1000 crore to the state government. Bags of food and water have been airlifted to Kashmir from various states to offer help. Omar Abdullah has announced financial assistance of Rs 75,000 for those who have lost their homes. Moreover, various colleges of Delhi University have also taken an initiative to collect funds in order to help the state of Jammu and Kashmir. We all are Indians, and Jammu & Kashmir is a part of India, rather the most beautiful state of our country. So as an Indian and for the sake of humanity, it is our duty to help our own nation’s state recover from the loss that it has suffered. Also, to help people who have suffered in these floods and making them feel that “the whole nation is with us.”


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