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Is Delhi University being Unrealistic?

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Written by DU Khabar

Delhi University is one of the oldest University in Delhi with quality education, or so it would seem. In a fast paced world, where the only thing in continuum is change, Delhi University is too adamant to give up its old practices and bring about changes in its administration. Being a Govt. University, the main objective should be to provide quality education to all those students who deserve it irrespective of the region, wealth, and the Board from which the student has passed his/her 11th and 12th. Delhi University always has preferred CBSE students over ICSE and state boards, when students passing these boards do not get as high as CBSE students. Keeping this in mind, the deduction of 10% from overall percentage of a non-CBSE board student is preventing them to acquire the education they deserve notwithstanding the effort put into it.

With the cut-offs soaring up to 99% and higher, these students won’t even stand a chance, as even if they get a 100%, it will be equivalent to only 90%. In short, every other student which belong to a state board has no scope of getting into one of the top colleges of Delhi University. This has made a lot of students angry, and many DU Aspirants have been seen protesting against this on Wednesday (1st July 2015).

According to the university guidelines, all the discipline subjects must have at least 70% component of theory in the qualifying exam for the purpose of being treated as academic/elective subject. Students who have passed from boards, which do not have the 70:30 ratio of practical and theory, will attract a penalty of 10%. “The students of state boards like UP Board, Bihar Board, Haryana Board and others usually score less marks, when compared to their CBSE counterparts, deducting their marks will further more reduce their chances of admission,” an aspirant said.


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