Iraq: The ISIS Battleground

Written by DU Khabar

For quite some time, Iraq has been a war ground. Besides being politically unstable, Iraq is also home to an extremist group that perpetrates violence and anarchy.  The Islamic State of Levant or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is the extension of ‘ISIS’. Islamic State, here, is an unrecognised state. ISIS is essentially an active jihadist militant group in Iraq, with the claim of religious authority towards all Muslims. ISIS aspires to bring much of Muslim inhabited regions of the world under its direct political control.
The critical position that ISIS currently has is primarily because of its participation in the Syrian civil war. Besides that, strength of their leader, Abu- Bakr- Al- Baghdadi, economic and political discrimination against Iraqi Sunnis since the fall of Saddam Hussein, and presence in Syrian and several governorates, are the various reasons behind the power that ISIS hold to date. Of lately, the ISIS has gone directly violent, claiming themselves as the leader, and the Islamic State as the Caliphate. ISIS, as a group has a really harsh interpretation of Islam, to the point where they let their guns deal with the people who do not agree with that interpretation. Their violence has usually been directed towards Shia Muslims and Christians. They also attack military and government targets, kidnap children as young as 10, force weaponry upon them. These kids undergo lessons in Sharia and jihadist ideology for requisite indoctrination. The blame for the current fiasco in Iraq is also put on the failure of Iraqi government to include Sunnis and give them positions in the government, because that is exactly what the ISIS takes advantage of. The nature of the situation is such that, any external aggression or effort will only cause more furores, even war if we go by logic.
India was particularly worried about many people who were stuck in Iraq, the people being there because of employment. Even though many nurses and farmers were rescued, who knows whether the government of India will ensure them opportunities here?  The situation in Iraq would definitely not improve by fighting. Where one party is so stuck with an idea that they develop a blindness of some sort to everything else, violent with an agenda, no aggressor or pacifist can possibly argue or reason out with them.  Peace seems less likely.


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