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Love Science? Intern with WonderLab Now !

Delhi University Internship Dukhabar WonderLab
Written by DU Khabar

If you are a creative person, who enjoys working with children and loves science, then this internship is for you.

WonderLab is an organization that aims to make science fun for children through crazy science experiments in birthday parties and class rooms. If you are shortlisted, here is what will be expected from you.

  1. You will conduct/organize/plan Science events and workshops for 4-12 year old kids, and get involved in teaching them. This will involve:
  • Leading the science shows for WonderLab – that means addressing a group of 15 to 100 children, discussing basic concepts of science while demonstrating with cool science experiments.
  • A science show will require you to work with dry ice and liquid nitrogen
  • It will also involve doing fun activities such as making slime, giant bubbles and so forth
  • Not only will you conduct our existing experiments and activities, we would expect you to ideate new themes and come up with experiments to do at our science shows.

Dukhabar WonderLab Internship Delhi Univerisity

  1. You will get a chance to conduct science workshops for 6-10 year olds. This will involve
  • Developing content for sessions and help procure material and do the prep for them.
  1. We also expect you to help in things such as social media marketing, photography, making creatives and so forth.

What are we looking for?

  • Enthusiastic individuals who enjoy conducting science experiments and working with kids.
  • Someone with basic knowledge of science, ability to speak English fluently and willingness to learn.
  • Primarily looking for one full-time role who can spend at least 6 months to an year with us, however, based on time commitment and time availability of candidate, we will also offer part-time options. However please, only serious candidates looking for a long term working opportunity should apply.

What should you be comfortable with?

  • We are located in Gurgaon and need you to be comfortable travelling to Gurgaon or shifting nearby.
  • You are ok travelling up to 7-8 PM in the evening
  • You are ok working on weekends as most of our events happen over the weekend

Why should you work for us?

  • Get an insight into day-to-day workings of a small start-up
  • Learn life skills starting from handling different types of customers to working in a team to logistical challenges to sourcing raw material to working with vendors.
  • Get to chance to conduct crazy and wacky experiments that you haven’t seen before
  • Use your creative energies to bring out the best in you – we are always open to new ideas and love initiative.

Delhi University Internship Dukhabar WonderLab

So if this sounds exciting to you, please call us on 9810572061 for more info. But before calling, please check out our facebook page and website!



Contact: 9810572061


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