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The Indian Education System

Written by DU Khabar

One glimpse at the enunciation of Justin Beiber’s or Miley Cyrus’ rolling career on the big stage, is a moment of spine tingling, jaw dropping, back breaking and nerve wracking. The nomenclature often used for such starlets and budding stars by the Indians is “The Advanced West”, since the inception of this world.On the contrary, I do not want to suffice myself by the reassurance of the overly stated myth, the western part of the world has got what it takes (to reach sky high), right from their cradle. In developed countries of the world, kids are preached to be self-dependent, and respect the authority. Unlike in countries like India, none are spotted as exemplary of followers of traffic rules, official rules and regulations and so on. Americans and Britishers are law-abiding and authority-fearing citizens, to the bewilderment of pure Indians. Besides that, the Indian society is wary of her members castling away baseless beliefs and superstitions. She passionately wants her citizens to acclimatize to her ‘culture’, and not try something novel, different and leave a mark. The escapism of these loopholes, lie in the education system.
Just as someone once aptly quoted, “If you find education expensive, then try ignorance and tell”. So here, when I shift my focus from the frailties to the reasons behind it, I cannot turn a blind eye to the below mentioned adversity: Lack of money. By far one of the most pressing problems is the unavailability of money, or inadequate funding of Indian education programs. The demand far exceeds the supply, and available monies are only for the most basic educational needs of the students. Very small amounts, if any, are available for innovative programs and ideas. Without adequate funding, the ideology and philosophy of the Indian education becomes so many words. The Indian education faces a bleak future characterized by stagnation, insensitivity, inadequate facilities and personnel. Is this what we educators wish to be contented with? “The irrelevant curriculum!” What do we mean by the often-repeated phrase? It is the schools who are not doing their job, in meeting the needs of their students- especially Indian students. This area encompasses four necessary corrections. An Indian student, presently, is subjected to an educational system geared to the needs of the non-Indian student, without any concern to unique problems and background of the Indian. Yes, the Indian must live in a white man’s world, but if he is to become a productive member of the human race, the schools must develop programs to meet his needs.

The American school curricula stresses on the values in direct contrast with the values held, in varying degrees, by the Indian. The values become the foundations of the American educational system. Thus, the Indian student is thrown into a foreign situation. He has no experiential background comparable to it and, consequently, retardation is built into the educational program as far as an Indian is concerned. Another aspect is the stress of the English language in the system. If educators would recognize that the English language is not the mother tongue of most of the Indian students, educational programming could become more relevant, meaningful and rewarding. A whopping section of the society resonates in concordance with the English speaking native countries that a nation cannot excel if its population is in IT sector and other tertiary departments. Japan and China have shown the doors to such myths. They have excelled in IT sector, keeping their mother tongue intact and, in fact, they made it prolific. Even I Phone gets their designing done in china. Hence, there is no need to gratify languages in India but the need of hour is to tap the raw skills, and hone them by just giving it a smooth curve.


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