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Written by Shivangi Kanojia

Another summer is approaching and your mind must be in splits to land an internship. Your dreams must be consisting of the desire to sit in an office cubicle and throughout the day you must be insanely searching for good internships on the internet. Isn’t it true? A little exaggerated but true. Well, people! Welcome to the world of “Let’s land an Internship”.  Internship is often a gateway to entry level jobs. It is relevant to have some kind of work experience as many companies, often demand potential employees who have good working experience. This increasing demand is due to the ever increasing competition where one strives to have the best of the lot. Hence, a little higher level of knowledge really makes a candidate more attractive.
Having said that the next question arises, how do we get one? It is not easy to get an internship if you are a beginner and lives in India as, sadly, many internships require candidate’s initiative. But these few points will surely help you to get an internship if you follow them.

  • Prioritize- Make a list. Ransack your brain. Make a choice as to what kind of internship and in which field you want. Many people go for internships just for the sake of getting an experience irrespective of the fact whether it will help them in their chosen field or not. Of course, most of the time it DOES NOT. (Open your minds. No, a person having an accounting degrees going for fashion magazine WILL NOT help him in any way.)
  • Resume- No matter how experienced you are, a good resume is crucial to make a good impression on the employer. Basically it is a summary of your qualifications, background and skills. It is the first document that the employer would look at, making it vital for the next process, an interview. A good resume says more than anything. It has the potential to make or break your first impression.
  • Hit the button- Call the internship companies, send them your resume and wait for an endless time to get a response. If you are lucky and good you will get one eventually. If you are unlucky but brilliant then go and take things in your own hands. Go to the company’s office you like or simply want to get one, ask for a meeting, pull a dazzling smile and propose an internship.
    WARNING: You should be very well prepared- dressed to the nines, have an excellent resume and should have a plan to show how amazing you are and how stupid they must be to turn you away.
  • Websites- Search for internships on the internet. There are plenty of websites designed to get you an internship. You can choose from a wide range of paid and unpaid internships.
  • Friends, Family and acquaintance- Networking is the best way to get a working experience. Ask your dear, near and people neither in the two categories about the opportunities they are aware of or know people they may know who would be interested to get an intern.
  • Be optimistic- You may experience setbacks but persistence is the path to gain some valuable work experience. You must have acquired this much knowledge from innumerable articles you read when you were desperately googling ways to get an internship. Be patient. Good things come to those who wait but don’t wait too long. Don’t become a lazy bum. Go out and make things work rather than waiting for them to come in your way. Conclusion: Neither TOO optimistic nor TOO pessimistic. It is always good to find one’s place in between the two. (No pun intended)

NOTE:  In India, majority of the internships turn out to be unpaid. But one should go for it as it will give the required working experience that the maximum companies want in the potential employees. Everyone starts from somewhere so don’t fret too much. Hard work is the key to achieve the meteoric heights of success.


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Shivangi Kanojia

Shivangi Kanojia is an English Literature student, born and bred in Delhi. She is the sanest mental retard and is a part of college’s dramatics society. She likes burning non- flammable food and has an undying love for crappy television. She juggles her free time between Dexter, a serial killer and ridiculously handsome ghost hunters from Supernatural. Oh, she believes in writing snappy pieces of really, really good writing, too.

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