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Hostel Life - Delhi University
Written by Dipali Sharma

If you think getting admission in Delhi University was hard, you should know surviving the college life isn’t easy either. Delhi University is one of the most sought-after universities in India. Although some colleges offer hostels, many don’t. Every year, a prodigious number of students join DU and so, all you freshers should know, finding the perfect PG can be an exhausting task. But once you find the perfect place, the real journey starts.

Hostel life in DU is nothing less than a roller coaster ride. “At first, living in a PG was very difficult for me. I felt homesick all the time. I had never done my dishes or laundry before. Now, when I look back at those memories, it does not sadden me, rather it leaves a smile on my face”, says Shrishti Saraogi, a third-year student from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College.

For students fresh out of school, hostel life is a tutor. It teaches them the essence of life. The first thing you learn in a hostel-life is sharing. Joey doesn’t share food; but you have to. From a packet of chips to homemade laddoos, from your toothpaste to your favorite dress, there is no exception. Your PG becomes a home away from home and your roommates become your family. The main cause of dissatisfaction amongst freshers is the food. We’re sorry, nobody can help you. There are reasons why we love our mothers, one of them being the food. You will never be satisfied with the food your hostel offers you. You have to learn to live with it.

If you haven’t turned nocturnal yet, soon you will. The most essential part of a hostel-life is late night gossips and debates. Midnight birthday celebrations become the best part of your birthdays. You’ll never forget those cake-faced selfies and birthday bumps. And then there comes into play, the most loved late night snack, maggi. If you’re a hosteller in India, you just can’t ignore maggi. There will always be a maggi-maniac in your hostel who insists on cooking maggi at 2 a.m.

All in all, the hostel life has a lot to offer a fresher. You learn, you grow, you rejoice. You fall sick; you miss home while your friend comforts you. You break out of your comfort zone. And one day, it will strike you to leave the hostel and rent a flat with your best friends. Many things have happened and many things will happen in your life, but the memories of first year of your college in your hostel are what you’ll never forget.


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