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Patrons of Patriarchy: Manu & Honey

Written by Ekta Rawat

Have you ever thought about how unconventionally Honey Singh and Manu are similar? Both are the propagators of patriarchy with their trademark anti-women attitude but sadly both the brothers were born in different periods.

If Mr. Yo Yo is obsessed with the sexual and physical attributes of women where he constantly refers to Bebo’s cardio shaped body , kudi’s 28 waist size and 48 wt plus the girl’s  bosom tattoo. To assert his pious views , this man doesn’t forget to refer women’s body as “samaan’  and responsible enough when he says,”sawarii samaan ki ib khud zimmedaar hai’, his brother from different yuga has also ‘wisely’ suggested wise men to marry only women who are free from bodily defects with grace like an elephant, moderate hair on the head and body, soft limbs and small teeth. Well both of them have surely left no stone unturned to over emphasize physical attribute of women and help the future generations in its objectification. Thank you gentlemen for these contributions to the society!

But sadly enough, in spite of all the gears and rears  these guys did fall  victim to this ‘beauty’ .The elder brother had warned the men folk earlier that it is the nature of women to seduce men in this world(“Swabhav ev narinam …..” – 2/213) but seems like the poor Yo Yo guy could not stand the ‘choti dress ‘ and gulaabi gaal .And not to forget ,it’s not his fault but girls themselves are responsible for it as Manu has already given the justification stating that it is the very nature of evil women to tempt the innocent men. And honey Singh also declares himself innocent as he knows that he is sufiyon ka raja and it’s the girl who is nashe ki raani.

Well this brotherhood which traverses all the yugas might have failed to control the evil women black magic but the junior feminist ambassador didn’t fall short to follow the master’s niyama and dharma. As Manu has ‘rightly’ listed out the demerits of women which he has stated as: Consuming liquor, association with wicked persons, separation from her husband, rambling around, sleeping for unreasonable hours and dwelling(“Panam durjan………” – 9/13.)and his Kaluga ambassador ,by rightly following the Manu’s path never forgets to question a girl about her “BPO job”, her Dope-shope”, her love life as well as her high heels. Good going Yo Yo after all your big brother has taught that women all through their life cannot assert their identity and don’t own their existence(“Balye pitorvashay…….” – 5/151)

Thanks for reminding this aspect of womanhood to the society.

Well the beautiful Manu-Honey relation is also unique in the sense that both of them are kind enough and liberal to human, not to forget :men. While Manu must have beautifully listed the demerits of women but in case of men he has clearly stated,” . Men may be lacking virtue, be sexual perverts, immoral and devoid of any good qualities, and yet women must constantly worship and serve their husbands.” (“Asheela  kamvrto………” – 5/157.)and  Mr. YoYo has carried his legacy ahead by portraying these sexual perverts and lack of virtues as heroism and being stud. where his ‘ability’ to woo women is a quality but the same becomes a matter of sheer concern for women.

So be it Manu’s  satayuga woman or Honey’s Kalyuga women, their perception of women being always sexually immoral, incapable to own their existence and a source of accidents and mis-happenings has not changed.

Our society seems to be quite stable, a final thanks to our patrons of patriarchy :Manu and honey.


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