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Hike In Railway Fare To Pose Difficulties For The ‘ Mango Man’

Hike In Railway Fare DU Khabar
Written by Kanika Sachdeva

Inflation fever is set to adversely affect the pocket of the common man. The Modi Government has announced hike in rail passenger fares by 14.2% and freight rates by 6.5%. The so-called ‘mango man’ has to yet again shed more out of his pocket in order to travel by Railways. This news has disappointed the Modi followers, whose vision for ache din has not reached fruition.
Problems faced by an Indian citizen are not less by any measure and this news has further added to the existing ones. Hike in railway fares and freight rates are likely to escalate the price of coal, food products and other basic amenities. This will lead to inflation in food prices. Also the growth rate in the industrial arena is too slow to accommodate a hike in freight rates. The burden is to be borne in the end by the weaker sections of the society. Railways is the only option for a poor citizen to cover long distances and after this price hike, this option has become further less affordable. In cities like Mumbai where local train serves the purpose of traveling short distances too, this increment in fare can disturb commuters in fairly large numbers. The long term effect of this hike could be the increase in income disparity. The rate of inflation is higher than the rate of increase in income of the people which makes the scenario worse.

Ironically, traveling by airways is a lucrative opt ion at this point of time. All the airlines are offering air travel a t dirt cheap prices to allure customers. Recently, Air Asia had announced its fare to be Rs.990 for its first flight from Bangalore to Goa which is cheaper than traveling by railways. The business of Indian Rail is surely going to suffer because of this hike , although this measure is expected to increase the revenue generation by 8000 crore. Bus, auto and taxi fares are also expected to rise. In conclusion the transportation cost is going to rise and so will the problems to survive. It seems “The Modi Government” cannot stand up to i ts promises. This new government promised to bring ease to the life of people by controlling price hikes but the c current situation is extremely different


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