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Hangouts: You Cannot Afford To Miss If You’re Gargiite!

gargi College South Campus Delhi University Hangout spots
Written by Kanika Sachdeva

Gargi College is one of the elite colleges of Delhi University. Located at a prime location in South Delhi adjacent to Kamla Nehru College, Gargi College has places nearby to add to the fun. The hangout places which a Gargiite is surely to have visited include:

1) Mithaas and Diggin: Mithaas and Diggin are food hubs situated right opposite to the Gargi College. Mithaas is a sweet shop/fast food joint which cater s to students’ taste buds. Mithaas is quite affordable a nd special discounts to DU students makes it further lucrative . It serves Chinese, South Indian and North Indian cuisines. Ev en the settlement outside the restaurant is an all time fa vorite of Gargi students.

Diggin is a new café which has joined in Mithaas to serve students of Gargi and KNC. Diggin also has a “DU Sp ecial Menu” to attract students. The food of this café is quite decent. The pleasing ambiance of the café is very similar to th at of a study room.

2 ) GK-I, M-Block Market: Nearby the college is a one stop destination for all the girls, which is the GK-1, M -Block Market. Here one can shop right from showrooms of big brand s like Vero Moda, Madame etc. to street vendors. GK-1 mark et is famous for shopping footwear. Chicago Pizza, Yo Chi na, Starbucks, Pizza Hut etc. make shopping fun for all the foodies out there.

3) Sarojini Nagar Market: The ultimate market for a ll the shopaholics is the famous Sarojini Nagar Market. Th is is the right place to hone your bargaining skills. One can purchase trendy apparel at dirt cheap prices from this marke t. Moreover girls who enjoy pairing up their look with junk jew ellery love to shop from Sarojini. Affordability is its second nam e.

4) Hauz Khas Village: One major hangout place not o nly for Gargi students but for all DU students is the Hauz Khas Village. The scenic beauty of the Hauz Khas Fort and the lak e make it one of happening places to visit. Photography is be st practiced here with the picture-perfect background of the for t and the lake. There are a lot of different kinds of cafés, bars and restaurants in Hauz Khas Village which makes it a p erfect place to relax with your friends. One can find variety he re at affordable rates. Out of the Box (OTB), My Bar Gril l, Amour and Kuzart Lane are the notable cafés of the region.

5 ) Evergreen, Green Park Market: Another attraction located near the college for the foodies is Evergreen in Gr een Park Market. Evergreen initially started as a sweet shop in 1963 and today it includes street food, North Indian, South Indian and Chinese as a part of its menu. This vegetarian food joint is a favorite among Delhiites. In addition to this, the ultimate hotspot for pizza lovers i.e. Pizza Hut is also loc ated next to it. These options will not let you slip by without givi ng a try!


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