Great Expectations

Written by Parnal Vats

Kids, ever wondered what goes inside the minds of your parents? What do they want from you? What should you do to make them absolutely happy? However, plaintive these questions might seem, they are not an easy nut to crack after all. Most of you might silently murmur “marks” or “polished mannerisms” or even “sanskaar”. Each one of us shall answer this question from a different light. But there might be a standard specimen that satisfies all parents, traits they all like. Traits they all somewhere deep down yearn for, in their kids. Cannot say, but these are the great moot points of every child’s life. He struggles to find answers if he is concerned enough.
One thing that the younger lot should irrefutably absorb is that one’s parents are the two people who love them the most. Many might argue saying that it is their duty to bring them up. Well true, but aren’t there people who have carelessly dumped their babies in shelters and orphanages, and worse still- garbage cans? When parents see our face for the first time in all that love, they vow to give us all they can, keep us the most happy. But ever wondered what exactly the price of that choice is? Their freedom and their peace. Yes, they let go of a part of them to bring us up. They let go of the fun they could have without having your baby cry your lungs out in one corner.     They let go of many aspirations, because changing our diapers became a part of their agenda. We can at least begin to be a little grateful for that, is it too unrealistic? I think my mom feels more pain every time I get hurt. That is the beauty of it!


About the author

Parnal Vats

Besides having a unique name that made her spend most of her life carving out repetitive explainations for the same, Parnal has a deep inclination towards writing. She loves reading books, writing poems and studying International Diplomacy and Indian politics. Being a law student, she is annoyingly opinionated most of the times- but this is a sincere effort to excercise her freedom of speech and she hopes her words reach out and make many hearts reflect!

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