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The Great Debate- 2014 (Let truth be thy aim!)

Written by Shivangi Kanojia

“In all debates, let truth be thy aim, not victory, or an unjust interest.”

Janki Devi Memorial College on 4th September, 2014 witnessed a yet again phenomenal event of debating- The Great Debate- organized by Delhi University and British High Commission. For the second time, Janki Devi Memorial College got the fortuity to host the grand debating competition. The event was organized on a very large scale and some of the prominent members from the British Embassy added glitter to the gleam by gracing the event as the judges. Hannah Cockburn, Urvashi Bhatia, Gourav Arora, Parul Malhotra, Jonathan Cook and James Evans were the esteemed judges in the panel. The event started on a note of immense laughter and mutual love for the finest debate that they were about to witness. Hannah Cockburn, a communication consultant at Foreign and Commonwealth, commenced the ceremony with her speech. She emphasized the importance of debate being an intangible truth. Later, Janki Devi Memorial College’s principal- Dr. Indu Ananad- addressed everyone with her short, touching speech.

Janki Devi Memorial College has been known to extensively encourage the girl education. Dr. Indu Anand is one of the biggest contributors in this direction. Last year, Janki Devi witnessed an entrepreneurship program called Women Entrepreneurship Program sponsored by the Netherland Embassy. Since then 21 companies have approached the college and recruited students associated with this program. Janki Devi’s union with the United Kingdom started with its Prime Minister, Mr. David Cameron visit in 2012. The second time hosting of the Great Debate vividly showed the strengthened relationship with the British government. The college’s chairman and Tamil Nadu’s ex- governor, Mr. T.N. Chaturvedi praised United Kingdom’s efforts.

Janki Devi Memorial College’s Debating Society has been very active. The society has brought many laurels for the college. Last year, forty- six students participated in the Great Debate. The other four teams that made it to the final round were Sri Venkateswara, Dyal Singh, Miranda House and Janki Devi Memorial College. Hannah Cockburn in her second speech congratulated the society for its excellent efforts and was visibly elated, along with other judges, over marvelous performance by the participants. The Knowledge of subject, delivery, persuasiveness and challenging arguments were the important criteria’s on which winners of the round were selected.

The winners of the round 1 of The Great Debate 2014 were Motilal Nehru, Faculty of Management Studies, Bhaskaracharya, Delhi College of Arts and Commerce and Bharti College. Hence, these teams will go on to compete with other universities in and around Delhi and Delhi-NCR. The winners of the second round will be qualified for the nationals. The winners will be rewarded a one-week sponsored “STUDY IN UK” trip to the United Kingdom. The aim of the event was to celebrate and encourage the debating prowess, and offer opportunity for informed discussion amongst the student fraternity. The event brings forward the world’s interest in investing in the education system of our country, making it a great step towards a better education system devoid of the existing flaws.

The event was covered by DU Khabar’s journalists- Shivangi Kanojia and Tanya Singh, one who considers herself as the sanest mental retard and is in true love with 3 men. The other loves to try out everything no matter how stupid it seems.


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