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Going the Distance

Going the distance
Written by Madhur Khetrapal

“Absence makes thy heart grow fonder”

Whoever said so probably did not ever experience a long distance relationship or the more common experience a long distance friendship. Once we start the college, we not only bid adieu to the comforting walls of our school but also to the many friends we made during that time. While parting ways with our school friends, we make numerous promises to keep in touch only to realize later on that doing so is not as easy as it seems. When your best friends decide to move to another continent gear up to experience the following-

  • Conversations lasting minutes: Forget the hour ling phone conversations where you would tell them all the gossip you accumulated over the last two days, the difference in time and schedule will only give you those minutes between two classes to say “Hi” and ask how the other person is doing before it’s time to hang up.
  • Get ready to set alarms for odd hours during the day. You begin to miss your friends so much that you will be ready to sacrifice your sleep for just a few minutes with them.
  •  But that’s two months away! : Your long distance friendship will hone your planning skills as you will start making plans way in advance. You will be eagerly awaiting those lengthy summer breaks when your friends are back. You would wait for them to be there with you,to try out anything new.
  • Cut short on family holidays: You look so forward to meeting and spending time with your friends during college breaks that you say no to all those family vacations planned at the exact same time as their arrival.

Though one faces the aforementioned issues, having friends staying in different parts of the world has its perks (other than the exciting gifts they get you!) Hearing about their experiences makes you feel like you’ve had them yourself and the feeling you get when they’re finally back is delightful! You know they’re the ones whom you can always count on and no amount of time or distance can stop you from being yourself around them. Just looking at them makes you forget those superfluous arguments you had about not having enough time to talk. At the end of the day, their friendship is of utmost importance and you would want to keep it intact no matter what. How else will you have different parts of the world to visit every year?



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Madhur Khetrapal

I am a philosophy student at Miranda House. Reading, writing and drawing take up most of my time. I am a music junkie and I thoroughly enjoy traveling. As much as I like being around people, I am someone who really cherishes my alone time.

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