GOD – Made By Humans, Destroyed By Them!

Belief in God DU Khabar
Written by Tanya Singh

What is a belief? It’s simply n idea that holds a lot of importance  to us, or is complicated enough to make us believe what is hollow. Whatever I have read or coerced to believe in, I’ve realized that it was the fear of not believing, rather than the idea of the almighty himself. This is what my article deals with. Almost every classical literature text has conveyed a really strong message, that blasphemy leads you to your doom! The striking question is that why believe when “you are responsible for your own sorrows?” when there would be none to bear the cross for you (puns intended).
It is said we are what we read and hence almost a year of classical epics have turned me into a very skeptic person. The approach toward all these has eventually turned blasphemy. From HOMER’S ODYSSEY TO OEDIPUS REX and now CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE’S DOCTOR FAUSTUS, there is one striking similarity that stands out is that they all were as helpless as that celebrated goat that is just raised to sacrifice. Question is why were all the heroes punished? Injustice was only word that came to my mind.  They had to suffer the regular ‘wrath’ of gods for their naivety. Ignorant about themselves and their own fate; it was all a part of great conspiracy. Yes, gods conspired to doom the great heroes. It is almost like the supreme, the omnipotent is insecure all the time. Poor Odysseus, who was a war hero and a great fighter, should have been receiving a beauteous halo around his neck instead of receiving punishment, injustice, suffering and what not. Oedipus, the grand king who had tried to rescue his countrymen from plague, little did he know he’d plague his entire fate because of this. Ignorance became his greatest tragedy. Thus all this “god helps those who help themselves” becomes a vague statement. The point to think upon is if none can be the almighty the idea of subject of god, the idea of whole god’s own prototype, if all these does not exist and no one can possibly be the supreme authority then why the tragedy?
Now if I compare the text to what I see around is so much relatable. “Oh lord Zeus help me!” a statement made by one of the heroes in the above mentioned text. But did any of them really get any help or guidance? Their ignorance became their ultimate destiny. LORD ZEUS sat all helpless and thunderous (pun intended!) and the heroes who could be saved, suffered. It is nothing but a fear that dwells in almost everybody’s heart because we are nothing but puppets in the hand of that master who pulls are strings, twisting our minds and maybe smashing our dreams. It is both ways, the most celebrated angel also fell and could be saved and the demons could be calmed down too. But the question is how helpless are we in front of this power.
In India the idea perhaps is entirely different. In our epics, and fables that no matter how much merciless the gods are, people are happy with just the proof of their existence,  and our belief in infinity. A complex idea of almighty exists and with it is attached various rituals and orthodox reference that make it even worse. In the former, we see whatever humans perform is what god has put in their destinies but here the story is different we see several humans claiming the agency of godhood and preaching what they say “are god’s words.”  We are under constant surveillance and our moves are all noted all the time.  We all follow a blind idea. Lost and drunk at the idea that only this almighty could save us and heal our pains. The very idea of women part of the assemblage cast of gods but on earth they are fallen creatures.  Does the supreme really need the countless and overtly elaborate rituals we perform? The incense stick that we burn in front of the many deities that we follow, the offerings that we make all this is to just keep that idea alive and happy because it is feared that that great power has the power to play with our lives and hence we should bribe in every possible way to keep happy.
Obviously there has to be something some power which governs the whole mankind, otherwise how is it possible that when the whole universe was at stake and there was a big bang out of nowhere earth produced lives? But this idea would not be comprehended if we try to find it through Adam and Eve’s story. It gives birth to several complexities which again lead us to nowhere. The idea that explains this inexplicable that is not available in any holy book or at anywhere on this earth (Post script- not even Himalayas), because we are too small to even comprehend the idea of god. The very proof of its existence in a minute way could be our ability to think, our motion, nature or simply our effort to look into infinity. As the great poet Rumi says “miracles dwell in the invisible.” The almighty is invisible and active and exist in the very idea of faith. Blasphemy is not actually the purpose of the article but a different approach. It is about trying to define the idea of normal. And we see that “normal is just an illusion, what is normal for a spider is chaos for a fly”. Hence not completely opposing the mass belief but I personally believe that god does not dwell in any so called “sacred place”. And ringing big bells and offerings does not make any sense. The classical literature taught me that god is diabolic and my religion taught me that god is greedy. And I still believe, not in the very cliched idea of god, but the some power that is responsible for providing us the life. The power of the infinite.

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