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GIRLS COLLEGE : a Dilemma ?

Written by Shivali Verma

          College life is no doubt a very special part of someone’s life. It brings a new phase –new freedom, new clothes, new friends and a whole new environment to live in. This phase comes with a very special sense of accomplishment within the students  and moreover getting into Delhi university is something which makes us feel out of the world. It seems we as an individual have achieved something very great, but……hold on friends, the journey has just begin. Having spent a semester in a girls college gives the intuition that there is gonna be a lot more to learn and add a numerous colored feathers to our caps.

        Although college life is interesting within itself but the environment in a girls college is much more exciting. With no guys around , there comes the emancipation  to enjoy the “girly” things, which surely cannot be gone through in a coed institution.  Well, to talk about my transforming views after going through these exciting  days is quite interesting. Having got admission in a DU was something which made me experience the feeling of being at cloud nine but at the same time , the regret of have got admitted to a girls college was somewhere there. I would like to share some pages of my diary-  the journey of the past six months I had spend in my “lovely” college.

        With no guys in the limelight I started my college life with the same enthusiasm as I would have in a coed college. Numerous  group of girls with  different personalities began coming in the vicinity. To start with the group of girls in fashionable trendy clothes ,matching accessories and footwear and loads of kajal in their eyes is the one which makes a girls college a place of paradise for the birdwatchers found flocking around the college campus. yet another group with a totally different attitude comes in the sight in sweating bold colored t-shirts and shorts bunking classes in the canteen giving the resemblance of guys in their  way of interacting with each other.  Yes! You guessed them right they are the “sporty” girls of the college. Then comes the flock of pretty girls with beautiful earings and soft voice, the members of the music society. Yet another group can be seen with a rough loud voice practicing in the evening in plain kurtas,these are the girls from drama and street play societies. And don’t forget that the girls in the simple outfits always found turning the pages of their course books(even in the canteen).

        Participation in every field can be observed, no excuses of being a girls college. In fact being in such a college provide the girls with huge set of opportunities to prove themselves and their abilities. No doubt with no guys around , it somewhere makes girls more responsible and results in bracing their personalities. In this era , where everyone is  talking about the need of  empowering   women, girls colleges are no doubt playing the essential role and emerging as a blessing for the society. I feel so proud today to be a part of such an institution. No regrets ,at all!!!!


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