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Get ready to pull up your socks! Exams approaching!”

Exam Time DU
Written by Shriya Arora

Not even a month that college started and students, mainly the freshers have already developed the competitive feeling amongst themselves. One has to be updated and quick to grab the concepts and the base of their course. Nowadays, almost everyone is very particular regarding their lectures, the notes, the books and the readings. The freshers especially, have to be very careful about their performance, as their performance leaves an impression on the teachers as well as on the students competing with them. Moreover, their caliber for the coming years is judged on the basis of their performance.

What needs to be done now? How to manage studies with the “masti”?  How to prepare for the examinations? Don’t worry freshers, it is not that difficult. What you need to do is to be regular for your classes and make friends who can help you regarding your presentations and the other internal assessments projects. One should not only be a bookworm and limit his/her life in and around books, but should also have some kind of basic and very general knowledge about their field of specialization. Now, you do not need to worry regarding your presentations and the main semester exams.

One should not be a “last minute” learner as it results in a person facing a lot of burden one night before the examination. One should prepare a proper schedule and have ample time to fully prepare for the examinations, and just do a small revision one night before the exams so that the concepts are clear. Moreover, one should not keep continuously studying for hours, but should refresh their mind in every two to three hours. “Listening to music, dancing, exercising, going out in fresh air, or spending some quality time with family members” are the few ways by which we can relax ourselves. This is not meant only for the freshers, but is meant for all the students. So guys, “get ready to pull up your socks because this is not going to be easy!” Work on your skills and keep your spirits high! Have a “never say die” spirit and ALL THE BEST to all of you!


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