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Games of the XXXIth Olympiad

Olympic 2016 Poem
Written by Rashween Singh

Mark the beginning of 2016 Summer Olympics

With 12000 athletes ready to thrill the place

Including Kosovo &South Sudan in 206 specifics

With game of golf and rugby seven also in the chase.

A 15-day event officially opened by Michael Temer

And Robert Scheidt taking the athlete’s oath

The world is currently under the Olympiad fever,

And the USA taking the maximum medals of gold.

Many are making history this time in their game,

Rugby gave the Fiji men their first ever-Olympic gold

While Michael Phelps’s has the 23rd in his name

And the Indian women’s hockey team has got a chance

After 36 years of hold.

Almaz Ayana sets a new world record in 10,000 meters race

And 44 LGBT athletes will have a golden chance to participate.

Not to forget the refugees team who have made their place,

With a desire of writing victory and recognition in their fate.

But Rio Olympics is not only about the games and the medals,

There is much more spice associated with it,

Ranging from political instability, Zika virus to doping scandals

Recession and other factors forced many athletes to quit.

Yet Rio has provided an ultimate fun to the athletes,

 From Usain Bolt trying his moves in samba,

And many taking the “Pokémon Go” game to the streets

To a huge opening ceremony at the stadium of Maracanã

The Olympiad still has many days before its end,

For all to enjoy the games and celebrate the city,

And to fulfill the hopes which still depend

On the athletes and the International Olympic Committee.


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Rashween Singh

Bollywood Fan, Foodie, TV Serials lover.

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