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The “FYUP” Tussle

FYUP Delhi University Admissions 2014
Written by Parnal Vats

With the Vice Chancellor of Delhi University: Dinesh Singh resigning earlier on Tuesday, the spat over the four year undergraduate program (FYUP) has only deepened. The resignation came shortly after the Supreme Court refused to intervene in the row. The plea sought cancellation of the UGC order asking DU to scrap FYUP.

I feel atrocious for all those aspiring students who have been waiting for their admissions for a long time. Whatever be it, all those months of isolation, hard work and persistence, it all boils down to this one day- the day they get admitted to the college of their reverie. The admission, as of now has been deferred till the time a competent authority rules out clear and unambiguous orders regarding the same.

To be specific- the UGC currently wants the FYUP to be scrapped and it sent a letter mentioning the same directing the Delhi University to do it by Monday “without fail”. Delhi University has still not effectuated the same. Apart from being critically upset I am also extremely agitated at the kind of mismanagement and blotchy state of affairs that have been exposed bare. The bitter synchrony between a statutory body of the order of UGC and Delhi University on the other hand is too blatant now. The introduction of the FYUP last year was welcomed with much protest by both the students and the professors, on account of them not being consulted before hand. But it was implemented nonetheless, with teachers working doubly hard in a short span to chalk out a new curriculum suiting the four year undergraduate program. The sudden switch in the nature of graduate courses caused much discomfort- which was to a great extent understandable. Today, the UGC which gave a nod to the very same step a year ago wants to revert on its opinion with a peculiar rapidity. It is believed that the recent political shuffle is the primary reason behind UGC’s changed stance. I lack authority to comment on the merits of the row in detail but I feel that there is a clear shortfall of adherence to the due process that is required to be mandatorily followed before making substantial changes in University education. The step to introduce FYUP in the first place should have been taken after proper prior consultation of the professors and the various HODs. There should have not been the delay in setting up the Task Force on FYUP- fair and equitable presentation of both the students and the faculty is also a pre requisite. If the due process was followed sincerely, such outbreak was less likely. Also, the row puts to light the lack of independence of statutory bodies like the UGC. Is it not disheartening to see the kind of political pressure they succumb down to?

What are we dealing with here? It is the future of a hefty number of students that is hanging loose. The lack of clarity and glaring perplexity over something as important as admissions is truly outrageous to say the least. It will be quite comforting if important institutions rid themselves of their superegos and political shackles- so that they do not forget the main objective for which they were incepted- to serve the people of the country squarely.


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Besides having a unique name that made her spend most of her life carving out repetitive explainations for the same, Parnal has a deep inclination towards writing. She loves reading books, writing poems and studying International Diplomacy and Indian politics. Being a law student, she is annoyingly opinionated most of the times- but this is a sincere effort to excercise her freedom of speech and she hopes her words reach out and make many hearts reflect!

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