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FYUP Cannot Be Rolled Back!

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Written by Kanika Sachdeva

A major change took place in the Indian education system last year with the introduction of FYUP (Four Year Undergraduate Programme). Delhi University replaced the three-year system by FYUP. This change agitated students as implementation of this change meant increase in their burden by one year. DUTA, ABVP and many other groups protested against FYUP and are still protesting. During elections, BJP also aroused new hopes amongst students by making a promise that they would scrap FYUP when they come into power. It was included in their manifesto. But now that BJP has come into power, they cannot roll back FYUP. Senior officials of HRD Ministry (Human Resource Development) have explained the reason why FYUP cannot be rolled back to the newly appointed HRD Minister Smriti Irani. The reason given by the officials is that DU is an autonomous organization and FYUP has been implemented by fulfilling all the mandatory requirements. One fails to understand the incapability of BJP of not being aware of this crucial fact. They should have made careful examination of this case before making such a promise.
But now the big question which stands opposed to this reason is that: Do students and teachers, who are being affected by this decision, have no say in this decision?
Students and teachers together are not able to understand the very reason why this major change has been implemented. The first batch under FYUP has almost tolerated it for a year. Under this Programme, students have studied 8 foundation courses. But none seem to be useful to the students. Students believe that these courses are too basic and useless to study. Most of the students didn’t pay heed to even study the books for these foundation courses. They also complained that the papers set for these courses were very general and are not meant for college students. In short it is a waste of time for all the students. They somehow say that they have wasted almost one year of their study focusing on these courses. Amidst confusion, this programme has not been implemented in the right manner. The very reason for the implementation of the program stands defied.
In order to increase the utility of this program and satisfaction amongst students, new changes need to be brought in if replacement is not an option. Foundation Courses need to be replaced by subjects which can really prove to be fruitful in today’s competitive world.The time will tell whether the foreseen objective behind this program will turn into reality or not.


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