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FYUP: A boon or a bane?

fyup - Delhi University
Written by Damini Sharma
The advent of FYUP in DU had to acclimate to the guard of honours coupled with disgrace by the connoisseurs viz, students and teachers.
The first carrot that was dangled for public consumption while rooting for the FYUP when it was first mooted was that of the programme serving multiple exit points with a minimal of 40% required after two years, 45% after three years and 50% after four years. It liberates students to complete their residual in a span of eight years after dropping in between in cases of unforeseen circumstances.
Besides all things that are said and done, FYUP is an ambitious programme which synchronizes and accommodates sedately in order to enhance communicative, writing, analytical skills with the culmination of illustrating presentations and paying more adherence to field work and research.
FYUP has also opened the floodgates for interdisciplinary academia consequently, yielding in 26 foundation courses (covering all spheres), 4 application courses (ranging from history to music) and 2 discipline courses to be chosen from 20 odd ones.
BMS is also being experimented with an assured placement. The campus placement cell of DU is also expected to witness a hike in recruiting interns and employees from the batches of FYUP students as the MNC recruiters claim, citing ‘enhancement in professionalism and a wider scope’ as reasons with all round development of students due to ‘scope in procurement of marks in extra curricular activities, sports and presentations in groups or individually.
However, the shortcomings of FYUP lie in its spontaneous implementation in the absence of proper discussions and debates; privatization of education; dearth of faculty; core content of FCs being of school level; depleted teaching professionals as 50% consists of guest faculty and lesser content in syllabus ‘theoretically’ relative to 3 year graduation.
I would hereby, prefer to echo the vice-chancellor that theoretical knowledge is a lower substitute of research driven academics for students who get ‘hands -on experience’ as well as a podium to showcase their skill and passion in non-academic genres as well; and hence they gather valour to pan out a career for them in their chosen arenas which can be crafty and artistic too, and doubtlessly soul-stirring.
The 16 year schooling will aid students aspiring for higher education in foreign universities and will also bring DU at par with other globally renowned universities.
Having said all that, the frailties like depleted teaching professionals and deficiency of a healthy debate over the new programme needs to be addressed with utmost sincerity and passion. The core content of FCs need to be standardized too.
I would love to rest my case here.. HOPE STILL LIVES AND DREAMS SHALL NEVER DIE..


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