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Fissures In a Fest | Mosaic Annual Fest Ramjas College

Ramjas Mosaic
Written by Ankita Jha

The glory and the indistinct rhythm of excitement in those days, it seems as if a festival- a long one is on! Yes, I am talking about our annual college fests. The days when almost every pea is a busy bee and understandably classes are bunked.

 As a third year Student of Ramjas College, the faddy buzz in mid-February has become like an annual habit. Our fest ‘Mosaic’ last year was a three day event. Day One began with an inauguration speech by Mr. Sachin Pilot, honorable Member of Parliament, followed by a plethora of competitions like Rangoli making, face painting, Wall Painting, Quiz, Debate, Photography Competition and Paper Dance. Though the events were perfectly tuned with the traditions of festivity in DU Colleges, yet much enthusiasm it seemed missing among our own college students.

 Day Two began with Words- Spelling Competition closely followed by Ad-Mad, Bollywood Quiz, Group Dance and there in the lawn Nukkad Natak’s call for social awareness echoed throughout the afternoon. The day ended with the Battle of Bands by RD and MD followed by a Jam Session which was an immediate success of course. Day two in comparison to Day One was more happening. But however cool the events may sound, there were pit falls in their execution throughout.

 Day Three which was the day with already high expectations as it was supposed to be the Celebrity night. The program began with Flower Decoration, followed by a performance by ‘Eagle and Turkush’ Band. The band energized the crowd in all possible manner for the bigger event which was to follow, Live Performance by Sippy Gill. Well, my expectations felt a huge setback. But then a crowd is both gullible and specious! As the event ended the crowd rushed through the gates almost everyone at the same time.

 Fests in DU is an important experience of student life. The event could have been a lot better if the focus had been on executing the planned draft alone. Management was in a hive and volunteers were all up on stage. Too many cooks spoil the broth! Politics and cultural events, according to me shouldn’t be intermingled. The union failed to involve a lot of students from college, there wasn’t much publicity either. The much hyped celebrity turned out to be a disappointment & the crowd was unhealthy and unsafe for girls.

 Any event in the college must be in accordance to its students in general and not just a few in union. This year in 2015, this I feel should be the driving motive towards a successful event. Proper work distribution, a good and responsible authority is a must. Crowd management team shall be an alert one. Also the events during the fests must be well planned and the executive council must and shall be well reasoned. A little planning can get in a bigger change. That is all what is needed. I sincerely hope this year planning takes a prior position than naivety.


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