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First Venky Mock Indian Parliament

Written by Akansha Singh

 It was the morning of January 31st 2014, indeed a usual day for all of us but a notable one in the history of Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi. It was the day of the execution of a dream, cherished over years. It was the first Venky Mock Indian Parliament, organized by the House of Commons Society of Sri Venkateswara College. House of Commons has been established in the year 2013 itself and is the second society of a Delhi University college, after Hindu, working on the Mock Parliament sessions. The event kicked off with the auspicious lighting of the ‘diya’ by the honourable Chief- Guest Mr. T.C.A. Srinivasa Raghavan, Senior Associate Editor, Business Line, The Hindu. The innaugural speech was given by the Vice- Principal of the college and then came the President of the society Aparna Abhimanyu, sharing what aims has she established this society with, the main motive which is to try and place ourselves(the students) in Politician’s shoes. After this was the much awaited speech by Mr. Srinivasa. He, knowing the Uniform Civil Code to be the agenda of the house, tried to enlighten the students with valuable points which the debate could be done over. Mr. Srinivasa, an M.A. In Economics, introduced to the students, the concept of ‘ Efficiency an Fariness’ both being poles apart. The moment you try to move towards Efficiency; Fairness is left behind. After the innaugural speeches were done with; the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Ms. Aparna Abhimanyu laid down the Code of Conduct for the House. The confidence and the efficiency of the Speaker was worth appreciating. The Members of the Parliament had to specify what ideologies were they to support throughout the sesion. The way the Members of the Parliament expressed their ideologies was innovative.

After the groups were formed, there was a lobbying session in which the Government was formed by the coalition of the Centre and the Left wings whereas the Opposition was formed by the Right wing. The private party bill started being drafted later in the day with a much heated up discussion. It was really surprising to see that the participants were so well researched. After an intense discussion, the first day session came to anm end around 5:00 p.m. Without any delay the second day began with the discussion on various chapters which had to be covered under the bill. People could be seen defending the Political Parties they would be supporting in the General Elections 2014, during the lunch break. It took a whole day for the bill to be drafted.

The third day was the much awaited one because thiswas the time when the Joint Session was supposed to be held on the Bill formed by the Opposition. All the Wings sat together in one room. On one side where the Government was adamant on not letting the bill pass, on the other side the Opposition was giving all possible justifications to the Press as to how wisely the bill had been drafted. The Joint Session began. It was good to see how well behaved the ‘Parliamentarians’ were; unlike the actual Parliamentarians. The decorum of the house was consistent. Though for sometime the Mock Parliament did not look like one because the participants started reciting poems to prove their point but then the Speaker requested them not to do so. The first half of the third day went in the Joint Session. When the House sat again after the lunch- break, the Ammendment Session began. It went on for about an hour. Following this was the ultimate moment, when it had to be decided whether the bill would be passed or not. The Venky Mock Parliament was ‘Expect the Unexpected’ event as said by the Speaker of the House, Aparna Abhimanyu. The unexpected happened. When the votes of the Parliamentarianswas counted, it was found to be a tie. Now a tie- breaking vote had to be casted by the Speake rof the House . The Speake rvoted for the bill and hence the Bill was passed. After thiwas the prize distribution ceremony. The kind of feedbacks that the participants gave before leaving overwhelmed the HOCSOC members. Nonetheless, the participants left with a promise to come the next year as well. According to the HOCSOC members the turn out of people, considering the event ot be the very first one, was over- whelming. The three day event finally came to an end but with a promise to be back,even bigger and better.


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Akansha Singh

Akansha Singh is a student of Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi, pursuing majors in English and is an aspiring journalist. She likes to read books and watch movies. Writing poems is her passion. An extrovert by temperament, she loves to speak through her pen.

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