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My First Day In Capital

first day in capital Delhi
Written by Anushka Bajaj

It was 7:30 a.m. when I woke up to the alarm snoozing from 6:30 a.m., but was still like “just 5 more minutes”. But then mom rang me up and I got off the bed throwing my sheets half on the floor and ensuring mom that I was all ready go to the college (otherwise I’ve to listen to early morning taunts), but unfortunately I was caught (I don’t know how to lie, seriously). Picking up the leggings and green top which I selected for my first day in one hand and bucket in other I ran for bathroom, which I found already reserved. After a couple of bangings and requests I finally got into tied but then I realised “Towel toh liya nahi yaar!!!”.

After bathing, I returned and checked time and I was like “8:05, Bingo! I’ll be ready till 8:10 then I’m good to go.” But those 5 minutes become four times twenty when you take up the task of applying eyeliner. So I just combed my hair, somehow, took a register and a pen and became the Milkha Singh of the morning by running from fourth floor to ground floor to confront the people I promised to meet at 8:00 a.m as I wasn’t still aware of the way to college(I’m scared of getting lost man!!). They looked at me like they’ll knock me off or something, but I thought “Just keep quite and move on…just keep quite and move on!!”

After a long walk, I reached the college, finally! But just then college guard asked for entry slip and I realised, “Oh great! I forgot the slip”. After a lot of “Bhaiya jaane do, kal pakka le aayenge” he let me in , but again I followed the old methodology of keeping quiet and moving on. Entering the college premises, the very first thing I noticed was a variety of crowd (in my case girls) which included the divas with figure, looks and truck loads of makeup, the traditional ones with bindi and huge earrings, political ones with khadi kurta and purani jeans, the cool dude types in sneakers and t-shirts. I couldn’t familiarise with either of them and being an introvert from the beginning, it seemed arduous to find my gang. But still like a brave heart soldier on LOC, I crossed the lines of my safe zone to accomplish the task of making new friends. But still couldn’t find those people to have mad talks and high-fives with. I wanted to high-five one, but on her face actually.

Roaming around, I got to know that no classes would be held as time tables weren’t ready which seemed sort of frustrating when you travel kilometres with that home-sick feeling in your gut, just to attend classes and all you get is “Babaji ka thullu”. So I ended up doing a picnic with my schoolmates and some of her newly made friends and enjoyed the hot noodles and coke in the lush green park.

Returning to PG, nostalgia over-powered me. So my only saving grace was my cell phone. I called up mom and had the usual “How was it? How was your day?” talks and returned to heaven i.e. my cosy bed. I was lost in my virtual vistas just then a call from my landlady   made me return to reality where I got to know I was supposed to remind guard for the tiffin being a newcomer. So i was thinking for the first night I will have to manage without a dinner. There were many joints in satya but I was all confused as I didn’t want to loosen my pocket the very first day only. My senior became the saviour of the day by getting me some packed and reasonable good south-Indian. But the idea of eating it all alone in my room didn’t seem pleasant. I wanted my family-like get together like I had at home. I felt sad, which my senior surprisingly noticed and invited me to common room and have dinner with other PG people. It felt awkward at first , but Comedy Nights with Kapil made the evening a relishing one. And then the late night dance on full volume music finally gave the fun feeling you want to have when you move out of your home. After that dragging myself with exhaustion to room, I returned to heaven, with the hopes of getting up early the next day(which rarely happens now).


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