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FERIA- The Annual Cultural Fest of Institute Of Home Economics

Institute Of Home Economics
Written by DU Khabar

FERIA’14, Institute of Home Economics’ fest last year was an extravagant affair sprawling across two days. It had a plethora of events which had one thing or the other to interest everyone, lined up in two days which brought students from colleges across Delhi-NCR together. The very first attraction on both the days was the Delhi School of Photography (DCOP) photographer capturing precious candid moments of the event, preserving cherished memories as the two days rolled by. The list of events included street play competition, dancing & singing competitions, creative writing events, literary and debating events and most popular of all, the talent hunt that Crowned the Mr. and Ms. Feria titles.

On the first day, the evening saw mesmerizing performance by the band called Soul. The thundering crowd was all ears to the awesome renditions of the chart busting numbers from the young talented artists. The turnout was almost 6 to 7 thousand on the first day itself. The second day was even more exciting as it saw the final round of the talent hunt and the coronation ceremony. Also everyone waited holding their breaths for Hardy Sandhu of ‘Soch’. The crowd turnout was stunning and totally taken for a ride as Hardy Sandhu took the stage and rendered the soulful numbers in his voice. He left everyone spellbound, especially the girls swooning over him.

But as they say everything is not perfect. Feria also had some glitches. The crowd turn out was far too enthusiastic than expected and everyone did not get the chance to properly enjoy the concert. The seating space also could not accommodate everyone efficiently. The space near the food stalls also got dirty because of littering by the end of the day, despite the appointed cleaning staff trying to do their best, which was a mood spoiler

Feria’15 which is scheduled for February 23rd and 24th is expected to have an even bigger turnout than last year, with more sponsors and more teams participating in the competitions. The celebrity attraction is still a well-kept secret & the student’s union which organizes the fest every year has promised that it’s going to be bigger and better. More food stalls with more variety than before. The college is already buzzing with excitement, prepared to make it an unforgettable experience with hopes that noting goes wrong.


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