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Are You Feeling Scared Of The Forthcoming Exams??

Written by Shuchita Garg

So here has come the time to devote heavy hours only to studies. Delhi University’s semester end exams are all set to begin. Just a few weeks the students have to do preparations.
The major changes that you can encounter in colleges these days are the students sitting in groups discussing the topics, copying notes of the time when they had bunked classes and a crowd bigger than usual outside the photostat shop. Presentations in each course  and the semester projects have started to be submitted and the teachers too seem to be prompt on their mission of taking extra classes to cover-up the pending syllabus.

 How you can beat final exams stress

·  Take proper sleep 
Most students believe that burning midnight oil will let them grasp more and more and they can study with better concentration at late hours but the fact is that a tired mind absorbs much less than a well rested mind. So, idea of waking till late hours may not be effective.

· Take little breaks during study

After a study of approx every hour, take a small break of 5 to 10 minutes. It will re-energise your strength and this way you can study for longer hours.

·  Revise your lessons side by side

After getting over with a topic take a short revision of what you have studied. It’ll let you make sure if any topic is left uncovered.

· Plan your schedule

Make a schedule incorporating intermittent energy rechargers like short naps, watching television and breathing in fresh air. Believe me if you are able to follow even 80% of your schedule, you’ll feel as if you have got double the time at your disposal.

·  Gather your confidence and don’t panic

Remember this is not the time to talk to stressful people like the toppers or the studious fellows, as their stress can only add to your stress. You have prepared well and do whatever you can to convince yourself that you are surely gonna do well in exams. 

 Hope whosoever has read this article is going to follow.

Good luck friends! Do well and score better than your last semester!


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