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Feeding India

feeding india
Written by DU Khabar

We all know what’s happening.

We all know it’s wrong.

We all know what to do.


Feeding India is a social enterprise founded by the youth to tackle two rampant and interconnected problems in India, that of Food wastage and Hunger. This is done by helping the needy get access to excess cooked food from restaurants and caterers.

It’s a daily affair to see needy people on the road, including very old people and infants who are struggling to get enough food to help them survive just one more day. Ironically, the amount of food that is wasted during weddings functions, restaurants and hotels at the end of the day is adequate to feed more than 50% of these hungry people!!

This realization led to the conception of Feeding India in late 2012, where Feeding India started with various door to door food collection campaigns in selected localities of Delhi. But the initiative really gained momentum in May 2014, when the team grew to include over 35 members and formed quick partnerships with major bulk food generators across Delhi NCR. Currently, Feeding India has tie ups with 75+ caterers and 20+ NGOs in the state and are on the way to expand operations by tying up with hotels and restaurants as well.

How they do it: The collection of excess food is done by volunteers from the bulk food sources. In order to maintain the nutritious value, the food is stored in cold storages and then donated to the hungry after it undergoes three rigorous levels of quality checking by Feeding India’s expert food technologists.

Education and awareness about the fundamental but related problems of wastage and hunger is another area Feeding India focuses on. Through social media, organizing collection drives in corporates, and having an event every Sunday at Raahagiri Connaught Place, Delhi, Feeding India is  growing at an exponential rate with caterers, restaurants, NGO’s coming on board every hour of the day.

They’re trying to bring about a change, a change that needs to be sustained with participation from people like you, to ensure that we have an impact in helping solve these problems. Their next step is to expand operations throughout the country and have a nation-wide impact on these problems.

Feeding India is a social revolution. A revolution that’s finally arrived. A movement that has come about to solve nothing out of the blue, nothing completely unheard of, but something we all see and have now come to accept, every day. Join the force; be a part of this wave, for this will take this country by a storm.

Justice will be served,and served hot… in plates


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