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Fear Of The Unknown

Written by Akansha Singh

No one who has ever lived and breathed on this earth can ever deny of being fearless. Someone calling himself or herself fearless in itself is a paradigm of how that person is down with the fear of being feared. What is fear?  Why are we feared? Whom do we fear? These questions and many other questions keep tormenting our minds all throughout, the endless days and the nights. Why is it that we are never able to get an answer to these questions? Or is it that we are capable of finding an answer out to these questions; but then we are too scared to accept them.

What is it that any random person is most scared of? In most probabilities, the answer has to be death. Why do we fear death when we know it is inevitable? What we today call our lifestyles is nothing but the most sophisticated escape route because every second that we live; we are feared. It has come to this that we need people around us to be happy. Why do we need pillars to support us? Occasional gatherings and a healthy interaction is not wrong. To survive in terms of economy or to put it in an easy way to earn a bread for living; one needs to be in talking terms with people around.

Each and every one of us must have somewhere felt it but I would not refrain the least to say we must have procrastinated it. Why? Because the society says it is wrong. The society says we need to pretend to like something which we otherwise would never wish to do. We are not people who form a society. Rather, it is like our lives are houses we live in, rented to us by the society. We can never afford to own it because we are too short of fearlessness.

Those who go against this convention of the society are ostracized. People call them dark. They call them the victims of psychedelia. They call them ‘the other’ because they think. They think about something which is unconventional. They are hated because they are imaginative. The famous writer Oscar Wilde has said that “Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative.” What or who are we if we are not aware of things happening around us? We lean on artificial pillars and materialistic goods because we are ‘the unimaginative’. It is human to hate someone for something which he/she is capable of and you are not.

Why are we scared of death when we know we have to die one day because we are housed within mere mortal bodies? The soul, as the philanthropists and our holy books say is immortal. So why are we scared when we know we have to survive even after death? Our flesh is bound to hang on the trees of mortality but the soul follows no fetter. It shall go wherever it pleases to. The world is full of ambiguities. For one moment we can possibly think about the soul as being immortal. This consoles us. Even the Law of Conservation supports it.

The next question which straight away should come to our mind, does come and we ignore it is that why do we need a salvation for our spirits? Why do we need to merge our spirits with the spirit of god? Is it because it is the purest spirit available? For that matter, should we not consider whether there is really something which exists as god? Who is god? Where is he? Is god a belief? Or does he reside in an idol as it’s abode? it? he? Or she? We know god because we know religion. What is religion then?

Religion is a collection of belief which makes our life linear and pleasant. Does religion that we know; really assist us with all of it? People have been fighting against each other just to support their religion and to prove it to be supreme. If religion makes us follow these detestable deeds, then why do we follow it? Belief is important. Life cannot thrive without belief. So why do we believe in things about which we do not know more than what the pages of our holy books say or probably some historical inscriptions of our ancestors? They all have shaped it the way they wanted to. Who knows whether it’s true or not?

We live in ignorance and then we are the ones who also get the tattoos of ‘Carpe Diem’ carved on our bodies. Do we even follow the principle of Carpe diem? Do we live in present? How can we when we are enclosed within the boundaries of religion and are being feared by it constantly? I ask why do we need to fear? Why cannot we just concentrate on the work we do and follow the principle of ‘As you sow, you shall reap’? Directly, why do we not believe in Karma, something which we can see happening around us unlike our beautifully adorned idols? Karma, as people say is a bitch but this is because it makes us realize who we are. Why is the truth of knowing one’s own self so bitter? Why do we always refrain from accepting it? The day we come to know who we are and what we are here for, that day we shall be free of our fears. That day we will come to own our lives and that day we shall start to live.



About the author

Akansha Singh

Akansha Singh is a student of Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi, pursuing majors in English and is an aspiring journalist. She likes to read books and watch movies. Writing poems is her passion. An extrovert by temperament, she loves to speak through her pen.

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