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Delhi University fashion trends
Written by Aakanksha Rishi

College is the most amazing and memorable time of one’s life. The excitement, new-found freedom, making friends and no uniforms! You can wear whatever you like! From Forever 21 to Lajpat Nagar, Zara to Sarojini, just anything.

Students are constantly rushing from one class to another, waking up just minutes before a lecture and all this in so much heat. There is not much time spent in getting ready for college except grabbing whatever is kept on the top shelf of your cupboard.

In college budget is also a major issue, but looking fab with scare resources is very much possible. Anyways, isn’t college your fashion ramp and the best place to come out with your looks and try new things?  

Following are the 5 essentials one should have in their wardrobe during these years:




Ripped, torn, and otherwise distressed denim is once again in style this spring. Best thing about it is that this goes with anything and everything! Be it a simple coloured top or a patterned one.

Denim on denim wont be such a great idea. Jeans are fabulous, and so are denim jackets. They just don’t work when you match them together. You have to pick: either the jeans or the jean jacket, but not both.

Go ethnic



A short simple Kurti says so much. Looks elegant and stylish at the same time. Underneath one can wear jeans or leggings. Just pair them with small pair of jhumkas. Make a messy bun or let your hair flow.

Not to go overboard. Kurtis can never fail to impress otherwise.




A lovely summer colour dress, with some minimal accessories like a belt. Decent length, sunglasses and a cross body bag to keep your hands free. Looks gorgeous at any time of the day!

*Spoiler: Not to wear a blowy dress or short lengths. Being comfortable is the most important.




A drawstring bag is a great alternative to a backpack or an over-sized purse to carry your notebooks and computer. They’re cheap, easy to find and far less straining on your body than those backpack straps. Otherwise, a sling bag would also do!




Cute sneakers over heels is the best way to go when determining what shoes to wear to class. You don’t want your feet screaming for mercy by the end of a long day running in between class rooms. Also, chappals work amazingly well for students, who rush from one class to another.

*Spoiler: Heels. Or anything uncomfortable in which one can’t walk freely.


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