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Farewell for the Life Sciences Department 2014 Dyal Singh College

Written by Kanav Aggarwal

Recently Farewell for the Life Sciences department was conducted in our college. Around 50 students participated from 4th semester and 40 from 6th semester making it a huge success. Many games and activities were organized with a buffet lunch in the end. This may well be the last farewell for our course but none the less everybody had loads of fun.The farewell was organized on 2nd April at college auditorium and everyone was looking forward to it. Dances, Stand-up comedy, Songs were some of the major attractions. Seniors too at times participated by stepping up on stage and dancing and singing with the juniors. A talent show was also organized with prizes for the winners. In the end, Mr and Ms Personality were declared. Seniors were waiting for it eagerly and as the winners proceeded to the stage, everyone was cheering for them wildly. After that, buffet lunch was served with food being praised. Finally gifts were distributed to the seniors as token of our gratefulness and respect. In the evening, seniors were sent off by a song and blessing them for a brighter future. It was a happy evening for everyone, a great one to be remembered by all.

Report BY
Kanav Aggarwal
Dyal Singh College
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Divya Dang



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Kanav Aggarwal

Kanav Aggarwal is a Bsc Life Sciences 2nd year student in Dyal Singh College. As a poet and author, he has published several of his works online. He is inspired by nature which often is reflected in his works. He has travelled around the world which enables him with sense of creativity.

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