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Fabink – Appified Author Network

Written by DU Khabar

In the app world, nothing like this has ever been done before. Fabink, an android based application, has a number of features that make it a must-have app for any budding or established writer, reader or photographer. Here is why.

Weekly themes and impressions give a platform for budding writers to share their thoughts with the world. Myriad perspectives on the same topic make a most enjoyable read. You could be a poet, dramatist, storyteller, one-liner expert or have even just thought of topics to write on. This is the place for you to be. Photographers too can send in entries to be part of the topics in the “impressions” section.

Besides, here, within the writers’ circle, you meet people you want to, be it established literary persons, companies looking for writers or just like-minded people.

But how does this make Fabink any different from other social network platforms? Simply, this is a very light app that allows you to do all of the above on the go. It is a crowd sourced pocket magazine. You type in your thoughts as they come and browse through pieces in your free time.

The app is convenient, has a simple and user-friendly interface with everything laid out on parallel tabs. It can be stored on the SD card, consumes very little memory space (about 4MB) and works smoothly.

Final verdict: It is light, convenient and brings together writers, readers, photographers, employers and established literary persons. The platform for literary revolution is here.


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DU Khabar

DU Khabar popularly known as DUK is a youth media channel that aims to connect college students with latest information about Delhi University & stuffs.

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