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Explorica 2015 – ComSoc Zakir Husain Delhi College (Eve)

Written by DU Khabar

Day 1 Event: Turnquote(Debate)

Coordinator: Vivek Singh (9910524621)

Venue: Auditorium

Time: 4pm


  1. Participants are requested to give their introduction, and that will not for the part of their time limit.
  2. All the participants will get max 4 mins to speak. In which they speak 2 mins for the motion and 2 mins against the motion.
  3. The first bell will at 3 mins 25 sec as a warning bell and final at 4 mins. Any participant who will cross the time limits will be disqualified.
  4. As soon as one person over his speech the audience will get the chance for cross questioning but max 2 questions can be asked and that should be related to the topic only and related whatever the participant had spoken.
  5. After the completion of the entire competition the judges will declare the winner.

Event: Play/Skit

Coordinator: Shantanu Sareenv (9873328473), Arpit Sharma (9971760634)

Venue: Auditorium

Time: 5pm


  1. Maximum time for the play is 10 -12 Min.
  2. No vulgarity in the script.
  3. Material should be brought by team only.
  4. Requirement of the chair and table should be informed one day prior so that we can arrange for it.
  5. Judges Decision will be final and binding.

Please send your script with the registration for the event

Event: Mind Battle (General quiz)

Coordinator: Rishabh Jain (7827181369)

Venue: Auditorium

Time: 6pm


  1. The quiz covers anything and everything under the sun. Basic General quiz at throw.
  2. 2.  Members Team. Lone Wolves are more than welcome.
  3. Cross College Teams allowed.(Bring Along a Valid Id card.)
  4. A prelim will be taken to shortlist 6 teams for the Stage Round.

Quiz Masters decision shall be final and binding on all.

Event: Essay Writing

Coordinator: Saquib Raza (8744866227)

Venue: Consult Coordinator

Time: 5pm


  1. Write very neat and clean
  2. No cross cutting or over writing
  3. Use only Blue or Black Pen
  4. Time Limit 30-35 min
  5. Write your name, course, semester and college.
  6. There should not be less than 300 and not more than  400 words
  7. Write In Hindi or English.
  8. Don’t copy from anyone. If caught copying you will be disqualified.
  9. Candidate who forgets to mention their names, course, semester and college, there sheet will ot be evaluated and we will not be responsible for the same.

Event: Market Mafia (Mock Stock)

Coordinator: Akash (9910393693)

Venue: Seminar Hall

Time: 4pm


1 . Team shall comprise 2 members
2. There will be 2 round
3. E-Devices are strictly prohibited
4. Use of Unfair means will lead to immediate disqualification
5. Decisions of Judges will be Final
Event: Golam Kolam (Rangoli)

Coordinator: Insha Wani (7838325039)

Venue: outside Auditorium

Time: 4pm


  1. The students are required to bring their own materials.
  2. No part of Rangoli can be premade before competition.
  3. Minimum two students can participate in a team.
  4. Use of stencil is not allowed.
  5. Time Limit is 1 hour.

DAY 2 Event: Nukkad Natak(Street Play)

Coordinator: Micheal Fernando (8586897761)

Venue: Outside Auditorium

Time: 4pm


Event: Shape Me n Run (Fashion Show)

Coodinator: Nikhil Sharma (9958596748)

Venue: Auditorium

Time: 5pm


  1. There should be maximum 14-16 Members per Team.
  2. Time Limit for every team is maximum 10 min.
  3. One Person per team must be there for sound and lighting.
  4. Emphasis will be given to clothing, walking style and originality.
  5. Use of candles, matches, cigarette or any other hazardous material is prohibited.
  6. Vulgarity of any kind would lead to disqualification of the team.
  7. The decision of the judges will be final.
  8. Special prizes for best male and female model.
  9. All participants must possess a valid I-Card.
  10. A Green room would be provided for changing purpose.
  11. Any Team exceeding time limit and participants will be disqualified.
  12. 30 min for changing costumes.

Event: Poetry

Coordinator: Shahana Khan (9718575404)

Venue: Audotorium
Time: 4pm


  1. Time limit is 4min.
  2. Medium of language can be Hindi and  Urdu.
  3. Entries must be original work of author and should not be copied.
  4. Poems should show imagination skill & originality. They may be on any subject.
  5. Inappropriate language, insulting or abusive words and religious comments is subject to disqualification.
  6. Use of paper is not allowed.

Event: Group Dance
Venue: Auditorium
Coordinator: Vishnu Mohan (8130921533)

Time: 6:30pm


  1. Each Team must have at least 5 Members.
  2. The Performance must not exceed 5 – 7 Minutes.
  3. Music should be in MP3 format and should be in the pen drive. Please bring 2 copies of the same and Summit it at the time of registration.
  4. Please register yourself before 3:30 P.M., Max by 4 P.M.
  5. Please report before 4 P.M. on the Event day i.e. 27th February 2015.
  6. Each team has to bring their own members for makeup and backstage assistance (If Required).
  7. Judging Criteria
  8. Costumes
  9. Choreography
  10. Stage Utilization
  11. Utilization of Prop
  12. Overall Presentation
  13. Synchronization
  14. Any Harmful or Dangerous Prop will not be Allowed in the Auditorium.
  15. Participants are requested not to carry any valuables. College or Society will not be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage.

       10.All participants are requested to carry their College I-Cards, failing which they will not be allowed to enter in the college premises.

Posters of particular event and poster of fest is also enclosed.

Online Registration Link:

Offline Registration is Open till 4pm on 26th and 27th of February, 2015.

For further enquiry,

Contact: Arpit Sharma (9971760634)


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