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Ekonomiska- Economics fest of Maitreyi College

Written by Mahak Dutt

EKONOMISKA- The annual Economics department festival of Maitreyi college was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the college premises on 9th and 10th of February encountering students from all over Delhi. Followed by on the spot registrations, the vibrant fest began at 10 A.M. on both the days.

It was inaugurated by Mr, Shri Prakash, Professor and Dean of centre of research studies, Bimtech. An informative session about growth & development in the economy, inflation & unemployment, interest rates and agricultural policies was delivered by him. This was followed by ‘The Bailout’ comprising of two rounds the participants represented different economists and spoke of their achievements and theories in the first round and about the important bank policies in the second one. Consecutively, another event which was testing the creative skills of the participants was ‘AD-MAD’ which was conducted in another block. The event which stole the show was The Debate on the topic ‘Make in India v/s Made in India’. It had very well succeeded in grabbing everyone’s attention as the discussion grew more heated.

The main element of joy and humor in the fest was the organization of all-day filler events and like ‘The Bulls eye, Maudlin Economist, Limbo, Sudoku Raffle, Photojournalist and Pictionary’. These kept the crowd engaged and brought the audience to live. Another highlight was the presence of the ‘Enactus cell’ of Maitreyi. It came up with its new project ‘Unnayan’ in association with ‘The love care foundation’, a non profit organization working for the underprivileged women. Enactus had put up a stall for selling a lab tested liquid wash and many other handicrafts made by the women themselves at an effective price. The money collected would be used in the welfare of women.

The second day, on the other hand again saw immense participation in all the events. The day started with events like ‘Trash Bash’, a best out of waste competition. ‘The Econotokka- A paper presentation which saw the participation of all the intelligent minds. Simultaneously, another lot of participants answered all the mind blogging questions in ‘Quizonomy’ which was organized in the new auditorium of the college. The day finally ended with the most fun filled event ‘The Treasure Hunt’ in which more than a hundred students participated as a part of over 35 teams.

Nonetheless, a variety of food stalls came to rescue everyone from hunger serving delectable food. The mouth watering KFC special chaap and paneer tikka rolls from Wah ji Wah were an instant hit among the crowd.
The veggie crunch pizza and the garlic bread from Pizza Hut is already an all time favorite which was enjoyed by everyone during the two days.
The Economics Department had also put up a chocolate stall for some sweet delights. The delicious chocolate sundae was sought after by most.


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