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The Education Tree
Written by DU Khabar

The Education Tree is a student initiated organization working in the field of education. The sapling of TET was sown with a goal to lay special emphasis on the holistic development of the individual, imparting  sound education irrespective of the socio-economic background,encouraging the country’s youth to shoulder social and environmental responsibilities and bringing together those who want to teach and those who want to learn. Being a project-based institution, they aspire to realize their goals through rational and carefully designed programs that benefit specific groups in small yet substantial ways.

In the past one year TET team has surprised the audience with unique and innovative initiatives beginning  from ‘Project Emerge’ which helped the less privileged students from senior secondary level to come out of their financial disadvantages and cultural handicaps, enabling and empowering them to face all the vicissitudes of life by providing them with free books and stationery and also by providing them with workshops in the field of dance, craft and theatre; giving them a platform where they could exhibit their talent.

Being ardent believers of the arts, they use unique art forms such as freeze mobs, flash mobs, graffiti, chalk art, street dancing, street plays, etc to create this awareness and sensitivity .They have organized more than 900 freeze mobs, flash mobs, etc. in various schools, colleges and public places, across the city. The Education Tree also designs and organizes workshops on theatre, personality development, corporate training, etc., in order to polish the skills which are required in every being in today’s world. 

On World Music Day, TET converted Select City Walk into an epicentre of Music and gave Delhi its very own musical movement. More than hundred musicians gathered under one roof just to celebrate their common passion for music. The fete was a conglomeration of different musical genres, and included performances, musical showcases, group dances, sing-alongs, etc.

After the gruesome gang rape in the city in December, they initiated the campaign, ‘Jo Mera Hai Wo Mera Hai (My body. My rights.)’, because they believe that the most important kind of education which needs to be imparted is respect for women and their safety. The Education Tree also has recently celebrated this concoction of womanhood and strength with its new project, ‘Being A Woman’. Other initiatives by TET are Nadaan Parindey, Book Hour, Aaghaaz, etc.
We often talk of ushering a wave of change and there isn’t a better way to do so other than a creative and collective action towards the problem and that is what TET is doing .
TET isn’t looking for temporary philosophical changes- but small, meaningful yet enduring and pragmatic solutions to the problems that curtail the Education of a child in the country.


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