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Ecowaves 2014 | Dyal Singh College DU

Ecowaves 2014-Delhi University Fest
Written by Damini Sharma

The fest season had marked its enunciation this year in DU with great pomp and show, as its Deja vu is. As one of its college Dyal Singh’s department of economics, hosted its annual cultural fest “Ecowaves 2014” which took birth in 1999.

From the atmosphere brimmed with adroit pupils; the myriad events namely; Mock Stock, Business Case Competition, Kaun Banaega Govt , Econundrum and many more took place; leaving judges and spectators aghast in pursuit of gallons of skills in cut-throat contests.

The very concept of “Mock Stock” was a microcosm of dynamism and chaos among the novice ‘share holders’. A hall was simulated to a ‘stock market’ with top level firms and business tycoons stationing themselves in the ‘stock market’ and the participants were allotted with some investments in cash and few stock points; and then had to negotiate with others in the wake of altering rates of firms, increasing viability and much more in order to optimize their profits.

For budding entrepreneurs, there was the ‘Business Case Competition’ to incardinate themselves from the shackles of ‘shallow minded and traditional archetypes’.

The Econundrum tickled the funny bones of every person who was amidst it, as the participants had to dramatize economic terms with fellow pupils left flabbergasted while hunting for phrases and words that could be the most germane ones to the enactment.

‘Kaun Banaega Govt’ was the contest that took a diversion from the others that revolved around economics. It was ‘ShowTime’ for the young blood to stand up for their preferred political party and make everyone reflect on its superfluous and placid tasks when they (parties) were on board. The audience could interject too if they felt discontent with the oration.

The denouement of the fest was tranquil and vivid. Just to enhance the resplendent beauty of the fest; a seminar was conducted by a professor from IILM, Lodi road and an inaugural lecture from Prof. D. Jagannathan.

The fest prolonged itself with a shelf life of a couple of days but was a yield of laborious yet spirited contribution from the staff and students which was left obliterated but  hopefully touched the hearts of all the attendants.


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