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Written by Shriya Arora

Delhi University is always full of new events and unending enthusiasm. As the election time nears, candidates contesting for the seats are busy organising campaigns and posting catchy slogans which can help them win. The nominated candidates are rigorously competing with each other for victory. However, the candidates are facing a lot of difficulty in convincing students to “VOTE FOR THEM”, as students have a very negative stigma in their mind regarding the elections as they think that for the nominated candidates-“it is easier said than done! These political candidates never fulfill the dreams they once promised about! They are just hungry for fame and power.” Moreover, there are a lot of nominated candidates who are even connecting to people through the social networking sites. When asked about the agenda of elections, a student of Miranda House College having high hopes and spirits said “I meet people personally and clear their doubts! I connect to people through social networking sites! When we make a decision, it is important to see whether they are implemented at the required level! I assure that I will bring the required changes students want to see around the college!” She added more to it by saying “vote for the change you want to see! A vote for me is a vote for you.”

We also witnessed students distributing small pamphlets which say “Vote for us” at the metro station and outside the colleges. Students think that voting is a waste of time and our promises will never be fulfilled and the end result is “they never vote.” It is in our hands to bring the change we want to see by voting for the most deserving candidate, rather than not voting and then later being disappointed. Voting is our right, be it at any level. No level is small or big! Our right to vote will never be taken away. So this time, vote for your favorite candidate. As we say “it is never too late.”

We look forward for more and more votes in the 2014-2015 Delhi University Elections on the 12th of September. This time make it different, make it exciting, and vote for a change.


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