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The DU Winter Trends !

Written by Tahira Noor Khan

The winters are in in full swing by now. With the change in seasons the trends of humans changes too and here i give you an insight into the changing trends of Du’ites with winter’s arrival.

  • Oh, the display of all new sartorial elegance!

If you think there are innumerable things to wear in summers then you are probably right but winter too has its bunch of options. One testifies multitude of trends in the campus – from umpteen styles of boots to scarfs to jackets and overcoats to beanies and to hoodies! Isn’t it a lot as well? The students definitely know how to keep in vogue all the time.

  • The sun soaking

Most of the DU colleges have beautiful gardens and lawns, and during the cold winter season these are all flocked by the students. You see them sitting on the benches, grounds and even lying down to take the sun. The lawns become lively places  all of a sudden and gives one the feel of no less than a park.

  • Tea and Coffee become best friend

Winter brings the rise in the sale of our very own canteen “chai” and coffee. Huge number of students are seen with the tea and coffee cups in their hands around the campus, sipping off the hot bevereges to beat the cold.

  • Dread of the morning classes

One of the biggest wish of the Du’ites is that they have as less morning classes as possible and they do not mind late hour classes any more (unlike summers). But due to the strict attendance rules they ultimately have to attend these irksome early morning classes but yeah, there are always some or the other people whose class are missed because they were in a deep slumber when they ought to have been up and in the college.

Winter apart from the cold brings with it a whole new freshness in the campuses and our lives as well.
So, enjoy the chill guys!


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