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DU Trying Hard To Make Admission Process Student Friendly

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Written by Kanika Sachdeva

Every year students aspire to become a part of Delhi University, one of the top ranked universities of the world. Sky-reaching cutoffs for admission motivate the students to score high and fulfill their aspirations. On the other hand, DU values the effort put in by students and tries hard to smoothen the admission process. In its endeavour to become student friendly, DU has come up with some remarkable changes this year.

This year onwards students will be able to take up Honors courses (Discipline Course- I) under FYUP even if they haven’t studied this subject in school. In the same direction 40 elective subjects have been introduced which can be taken up as Discipline Courses-I. This change has added flexibility in the process by enabling students in pursuing their favorite subjects irrespective of the fact whether they have studied it earlier or not. This has increased the options available for students. But there is also a disadvantage to this rule, 2% will be deducted from the overall average of best of four subjects under such circumstances. Even students who have studied  vocational subjects can opt for a course (not studied earlier) and include the marks of the vocational subject in the best of four percentage after deducting 10 marks from the maximum marks scored in that particular vocational subject. This has somehow helped students to overcome their dilemma relating to choice of a particular course.

Other rules pertaining to filling up of the common admission form remains the same as last year. Earlier changes were proposed but these changes have not been implemented. The admission process will commence from June 2, 2014. This year only five cutoffs will be released unlike last year. However a student is allowed to take up admission only in one college at a time. This year DU has also appointed observers to visit various colleges during admission and see to it that everything goes as scheduled.

The information relating to DU admissions can be accessed through the official website of DU- But this year there is another breakthrough in the admission sprocess; DU has realized the need of the hour and launched an app for undergraduate admissions. It is an android mobile app designed for students to fill up the form and send their queries. The name of the app is “DU UG admissions”. All information relating to the admission procedure, colleges and courses available can be accessed through the mobile app. This app can work without internet. But this app is linked to the DU website as well as websites of 64 colleges. Internet connection is required only in the case information is to be extracted by directing to these sites.


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