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Dream, Believe and Execute- Founder of Fabence

Written by Ekta Rawat

Mr Anshul Gupta, a student at SRCC and the founder of an innovative venture on e- commerce is a person has the courage to think of solutions rather compromise with problems with a vision to execute the entrepreneurial desires., at the very basic level, allows its user to search for and discover millions of fashion products from various e-retailers on one platform. focuses on the journey a user makes – from searching for a product, selecting the product of choice and finally making the purchase. 

 Fabence has introduced many firsts in the market by significantly focusing on personalization and adopting a complete data oriented approach – it offers unique features such as ‘Shop with friends’ that allows users to search and discover products together on one platform, therefore, replicating ‘Offline’ experience online.

 DU Khabar in conversation with Anshul Gupta:

 1.Can we walk down on the same lanes that you have crossed in the journey so far?

The journey till now has been a roller coaster, there have been so many ups and down till now that I have honestly lost count.  Some moments that I can perhaps recount are; getting the top sites to integrate with us was extremely difficult. I remember going to each company various times, trying to convince them to come on board with Fabence. As it is in any startup, capital is always a crunch. I remember we had to think of so many out of the box solutions to problems, that I feel if we did not have a tight budget we could not have come up with and that has turned out to be in our favor. But for me one the most overwhelming moments was when Fabence launched. We all were very excited and thought of buying a product but when we logged in we found the site had no products, that moment was I think the scariest moment of my life, but well we got past that and now we are a month old and I am just looking forward to a more exhilarating journey going forward.

2.In what ways, do you think, has an edge over others working in the same arena?

Fabence is very different! We are solving a very specific problem ; the inability of a user to discover the best fashion product that suits them in an easy and innovative manner. That aim has allowed us to completely focus on the concept of Personalization and the way we are approaching that is in a completely data oriented manner. That simple approach instantly differentiates us as we are able to provide an experience that is catered for each and every user. For us it’s not just about finding a product, but it’s about how you buy it. Each and every feature such as shop with friends, In built fashion stylist, are ways in which a user gets an opportunity to not only find the best product, but the best product that suits him in an extremely easy and engaging way

3.What is special at  Fabence for the students ?

The most special aspect at Fabence for students is that it has created features that are focused on the age group of 18-24 shops. It has been able to analyze how they shop and the problems they face and provide solutions to those in their online shopping experience.

4. What is your vision for e commerce experience  that you provide at fabence?

The vision for Fabence in terms of experience is that it continues to provide people an ability to find the best fashion product that suits them and that we can continue to focus on problems they face while shopping be it in a mall or online and provide a personalized solution to them.

5.How has social media and networking impacted upon the way in which you work, brand and promote yourself today?

Today social media is everything. The reach of social media is immense. If you look at traditional forms of marketing like Television or radio the reach is limited and there is no way for you to track the data and understand ROI. Social media on the other hand has unlimited reach, you create something viral instantly you see a lot of traffic coming on your site and the ROI is high. For fabence specifically our main focus is social media as it has constantly helped us create a brand and get in touch with our customers.

6.What has been your most special moment with ‘Fabencetill now?

The most special moment for me with Fabence was when we launched and we were trying to spread the word and the first response was from a woman who said ‘ great site! This would help me shop in such a better and fun manner’. That moment made me realize a difference Fabence was creating, even if its small at this moment the whole thought of actually making a difference was completely overwhelming

7.Being a student entrepreneur, how do you manage your venture and your studies?

Well, that is a very tricky question. Having a startup requires huge amounts of time and work. However, striking a balance is very important and so I try my best to manage my studies but honestly it does get affected at times.

8.Do you have any grand plans for your brand in the future? Any future ideas and exclusives you can share with DUK.

Let’s sit back and watch 😉

9. For you

creativity is: something that carries your soul in it

fashion is: beauty

shopping is: money

10 .What would be your imprint words for young minds bursting with ideas and  thriving to walk on the entrepreneurial road?

Dream. Believe. Execute. I think that sums up all the aspects you need to have a successful startup. Dream about solving a problem, believe in the solution for that problem and execute that solution. Everything else follows.


Anshul Gupta Anshul Gupta: Founder at, pursuing commerce at the Shri Ram college of Commerce, New Delhi. Food enthusiast, keen sportsperson and alumni of Kodaikanal International school.
Snehil khanor Snehilkhanor: Snehil is a web entrepreneur since his school days, over 8years now. He is a in computer science. While in school he had co-founded a social networking site at the age of 17 and had various music/video sharing and other web portals for self and others before becoming interested in ecommerce.
Swati Singh Swati Singh: Swati is an experienced professional having spent close to 20 years in various corporate roles. Swati has been involved in multiple startups and brings with her strong knowledge of social media, marketing, designing etc.
Aisha Khandelwal Aisha Khandelwal: Aisha is pursuing commerce at the Shri Ram college of commerce, New Delhi. She is involved in a multiple extra-curricular and social activities and projects. She holds leadership roles in key student bodies at SRCC.
Amit Gupta Amit Gupta: Mentor at Amit has close to 25 years of corporate experience, having held top leadership positions (managing director, partner, global head etc) in both national and international firms. He is credited with establishing and starting Churchill India and The Royal Bank Of Scotland IDC.
Vaibhav Wadhwa Vaibhav Wadhwa: Vaibhav is leader of Fabence IT Development team and is responsible for creating and delivering Fabence platform. He brings extensive web development and mobile app development capability


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