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dehradun railway station
Written by Ekta Rawat

Be it the tranquility at Buddha temple or the fun at gucchupaani, be it the fashion walk at ghanta ghar or the evening buzz at Rajpur, be it the royal feel at historic F.R.I or the religious one at Tapkeshwara temple; every aspect of Dehradun makes it special! Probably one of the most pious locations, Dehradun is embraced between two of India’s mightiest rivers -The Ganges and The Yamuna.

From being the birthplace of Mahabharata’s Dronacharya to being the locale of Asoka’s edicts, from the dera (camp) set by Shri Ram Rai ji (eldest son of 7th Sikh guru) to the invasions by Mahmud of Gazni, from being merged with United Provinces to being a part of Uttar Pradesh and finally the capital city of Uttarakhand; the city Dehradun has indeed travelled long and far.

Dehradun is like a rainbow – embodying the variety with acceptance. If this ‘gray city’ has the experience of retired oldies then it also has the youth power at Welhams, Doon School and Rashtriya Indian Military College. If the city has saintly connections of Hardwar and Rishikesh it also has the strength of military at IMA.

The experience of living in a city which rises with lofty Himalayas mountains surrounding it and  which lays in the holy lap of Ganges and Yamuna would surely be incredible.


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