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Diary of an Outstation Student at DU

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Written by Ekta Rawat

No one to boost the morale during exam stress, no one to cover up with quilt when you end up sleeping while studying, no one to remind you to carry admit card before leaving , no one to keep almonds for you, no one to give a spoonful of curd and sugar on the exam day, no one to drop you to the exam venue with the best wishes and no one for anything! Giving exams while staying away from home sometimes seems like a battle being fought alone.

When I miss breakfast at hostel because of late night study and go through hunger crams , I realize that back home someone ensured everyday that I don’t compromise on my health for anything.

When I get up in the morning with cold because the last night,  I ended up sleeping at the study desk , I realize that back home someone tucked me with quilt and warmth even if I forgot to do that.

When I stand helpless with a confused look at the stationery shop , I realize that back home someone took out time from the busiest schedule to choose the best stationery for me.

When I end up gazing at the stars when I feel hungry in  the midst of late night study, I realize that back home someone constantly woke up even at odd hours to feed me while I studied.

When I wake up late for study even if I had set an alarm , I realize that back home someone stayed awake just to wake me up at the time I had asked for.

When I leave hostel for exam with that vacuum in me, even if I am well prepared, I realize the power of the best wishes for the best people in my life.

When I get back to hostel after exams and there is no one to say that now I should rest after the hard work, I realize how important it is to care.

I had never realized that even the mere presence of my parents around me is itself a booster, a survival vibe and much more! I had never realized that.


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