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Depression, Drugs and Death

Drug Stress Depression Du Khabar
Written by Akansha Singh

When was the last time that you felt depressed? Was it today? Or yesterday? Or a week ago? Let us clear out the confusion first as to what depression actually is. At times it does happen that we feel low, melancholic. This is sadness and sadness is not depression. If this state of a person of feeling low gets prolonged, then it’s called depression. It is not necessary that a person who is depressed has to be sad. Some people are of the notion that depression is a ‘metropolitan’ issue and is prevalent only in the modern cities of our country because the metropolitan people are heavily influenced by the western culture. It’s true but it’s partial truth. If we look at the statistics; the other cities and villages of our nation no longer lag behind. Considering the facts, it has been estimated that by 2020 depression will become the second most common disabling disease after coronary heart diseases. Is this not enough to realize that their needs to be immediate attention that has to be paid towards analyzing the causes of depression and methods to cure it.

Research studies have shown that depression is caused due to a long period of struggle in life which might be an outcome of myriad internal and external factors. Some of the prominent ones are non-fulfillment of certain goals, our social lives, financial problems and environment. Yes! You read it correct; ‘environment’. It has been found through a research that people are even found to be depressed if they live in an unhealthy environment. Teenagers have been found to be more depressed as when compared to the middle aged people. To know more about it I asked some of my teenage friends and relatives what is depression to them? When is it that they feel depressed and what to they do to overcome it? On observing all the answers I concluded that the reasons are more or less the same but that way they have been portrayed is different.

Some said they feel depressed when things do not turn out the way they want them to. When this happens, they almost stop talking to people, treat those who greet them badly and feel like spending time alone. While some said they feel depressed when they are not allowed to do what they want to. The prolonged form of this very ‘reason’ could be a person’s choice of the academic stream. The most common observation these days is that the youngsters opt for a particular subject not because they like it but because their parents want them to study that. They opt for those subjects which are in demand and would fetch them decent perks; irrespective of their choices. They fail to realise that doing something which is not their cup of tea would lead them no-where. Even if somehow they manage to get a job they will not be satisfied with what they are doing and this is when they would feel depressed. We all know that prevention is better than cure. Then why wait to get depressed? A person should have the audacity to stand fearless and opt what he or she wants to do.

Some of my acquaintances even said that they feel depressed when the people who are close to them do not understand them. This forces them to resort to self abusing methods like addiction of cigarettes and the intake of recreational drugs like cocaine,cannabis,ecstacy and so on. People say taking drugs lessens depression; but how far is it true? Till date people have not been completely successful in deciphering the relation between depression and drugs. No one knows whether the former leads to the latter or vice-versa. Depression and recreational drug usage are both common and can occur together purely by chance. Why do people think drugs can make them feel good? This is because they alter the neuro-transmitters present in our bodies which temporarily makes us feel good. The continuous usage of drugs often leads to death which is known as ‘death due to drug overdose’. While there are many who have become addicted to the drugs usage; there are still a few who are out of the throes of drug abuse. Aakash Gautam, a second year student of the University of Delhi says he is completely against the usage of drugs and come what may, he would never resort to such filthy means just in order to ‘feel good’.

There are many ways to make a person feel good if he or she is feeling low; which is most commonly being mistaken to be ‘depression’. Self abuse is not the only option available. From the many answers I got, some said they like to play video games to make themselves feel good. While some talk to their friends and relatives about it and some nonetheless assume that they have never been depressed and are always happy. There was only one person amongst the whole lot of people who said that he has never been depressed and is a happy go lucky person.He is pursuing Maths Hons. from the Delhi University. This answer forced me to ponder over the fact that people who are heavily depressed are mostly found smiling; which is so very true. Further this friend of mine substantiated his answer by saying that he has never been depressed because he sets his goals and when he fails to achieve them; he redefines those goals to a realistic level where they can be achieved. Is not this answer a wise thinking? The next question which comes to the mind is how many of us think this way? Merely one or two out of ten. What most of us do is abuse ourselves bodily and get indulged into fights with people and end up beating them, think bad about others, and at times even stop doing our work. This is not our fault completely. We learn what we see.

The way media deals with these issues is somewhat bizarre. These issues are very sensitive and must be dealt with wisely. Intentionally or unintentionally people get influenced by what they see on the television or on the world wide web. At the end of the day the call is completely ours. We have to decide what is good for us and what is not.  Most of the times depression in a person’s life teaches him or her a lesson, a good one so that the person does not again fall prey to the same mistake which he committed way back. Depression, when takes a severe form, often leads to committing suicides. As many as 1,35,445 people committed suicide the last year in our nation. Around 37.5% suicides in India is committed by people below the age of 30 and around 71%  of the suicides in India are committed by people who are below the age of 44. Death is not a solution to any problem or crisis. Committing suicide is sheer cowardice. If not about ourselves, we must think at-least about our parents who brought us to this world with good hopes.

Depression should not be mistaken to be a normal part of aging. A person, irrespective of his age might be depressed. Left untreated major depression lasts up to six months or  even more. In these cases the clinical treatment becomes a must for the person concerned. Minor depression can easily be dealt with. It is very essential that we cultivate relationships which are understanding and supportive. Friendship is necessary but we should know where to put a halt to it because ultimately we ourselves are going to be responsible for what we become in future. Other than this, health experts even say that regular exercise and proper sleep is essential. We see the world the way we want to. It has both the positive and the negative elements. The world can do away with neither of them but we definitely can do away with a negative perspective about things going on in our lives and be prosperous.


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Akansha Singh

Akansha Singh is a student of Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi, pursuing majors in English and is an aspiring journalist. She likes to read books and watch movies. Writing poems is her passion. An extrovert by temperament, she loves to speak through her pen.

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