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Delhi University’s Experiment: FYUP A Blockbuster Or A Flop Show?

Written by Saksham Chauhan

With the admission season hovering around the upcoming students this month, and the delay in the much awaited first cut-off which was expected to top the chartbuster list with a slight increase in the % levels, (No doubt the first cut off can cross 96%+) the majority of the students have, again, raised certain questions on the premier university of the country, proudly termed as DELHI UNIVERSITY. This also happens to be one of the largest Universities of South Asia. But the recent events in the media, have again demonstrated the lack of administrative skills of the managers of our future. The protests to rollback, and the publicity stunt, the senior authorities have started exhibiting shows their lack of seriousness towards a student’s career and spirit. The administrative authorities are still debating over the fact whether the experiment is to be further carried on or it should be called off!  (Or should they try out a new reagent on our career and burn the rest of our lives with pain and misery?)
The FYUP was gifted with the idea of creating more employment opportunities but in vain. The course was designed to make students compete in this harsh world. So that the virus of unemployment would stay far away from them, but with the students studying dumb and dim witted course, this would definitely not be promising enough to guarantee job opportunities.
The implementation of 4 year undergraduate program by the university was also not favoured by many students organization, mainly the AISA and the ruling student union ABVP (Along with DUTA which has fought a year long struggle to pressurize the VC and the UGC to focus on this facet.) Still it was implemented and forced on the students. The students were forced to study silly subjects like BMA, IHC and IMBH; prepare presentations and project reports. Moreover, the students were enforced to study 11 foundation courses that were mandatory. Nevertheless, all the students were provided with a laptop as pay off tip to keep their mouth shut and not protest against this event. The funniest aspect depicted by this so called FYUP is that a science student studied courses like Business Entrepreneurship for one semester and a humanities student studied courses like Science and Life. The point to be noted is that if these students really wished to study science or humanities, then they would have opted for these subjects in their senior high school. This has created a pathetic image of the university, and made the university a laughing stock in front of the whole country.
The ideology behind the concept was extraordinarily wonderful, but the implementation was something that was not up to the mark. The course methodology was quite divergent with a lot of flaws. For an instance, if the science students would have been taught calculus or trigonometry in BMA then it would have been helpful, instead of teaching them prime numbers and composite numbers. Further adding one more tenacious year to provide an honors degree to the student curriculum; do not seem economically and socially viable when they are being taught prime numbers and composite numbers, resulting in a hopeless and a futile attempt.
The only solutions that the students can come up with-

1.    Roll back FYUP.
2.    Provide quality education instead of teaching irrelevant subjects without a proper insight.
3.    Minimizing the pressure by providing the honour’s degree in a time span of 3 years.

Thus, as a whole the course was quite stupid, with an improper design and management that was just implemented to sow the seeds of “Americanization” of Indian Education. The UGC has ordered the rollback, but the university has not yet portrayed any frame of mind in this regard.
The students have been facing problems for over a year now, and still they are being treated as Lab Rats. They are being experimented with new courses and idiotic information. A thorough final decision must be sought by the authorities for the student’s betterment at the earliest without any lag. The students need justice and the university cannot play with their careers in this manner.


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Saksham Chauhan

a student of first year chemistry (hons) from kmc, Delhi University. My favourite hangout place is the Asoka lawn at kmc and mc’d behind my college and not to forget our college’s Audi steps (auditorium steps)..........and the basketball court................coz u can never find me sitting inside a class room............o_0.....!!!!

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